The 3 Possible Pathways to Becoming Successful at Anything

Zig Ziglar always said (quoting Daniel Webster), “There’s always room at the top!”  And Vince Lombardi said, “The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.” Success is possible. It’s within reach. It just needs to be defined well. I define success this way: Success is having done the most good only you could do while becoming the ‘you’...
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8 Gifts to “Pour Into” the Leaders You’re Developing

It’s great to be “pouring into” people. That’s a popular phrase in today’s leadership environment. I’ve used it because I like the word picture of it. Whatever I may have learned about life and leadership, I’m supposed to be passing along to others. But what does the phrase really mean? What, exactly, are we to pour...
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The Difference Between Mediocrity and Excellence

My favorite quote is from Shelton Smith, Editor of The Sword of the Lord, who said, The difference between mediocrity and excellence is midnight oil, elbow grease, and the power of God. When I was still in school, I developed the terrible habit of settling for mediocrity. I was a B- student with a GPA of...
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The Stars

2 Criteria for Redefining Success for Sanity’s Sake

What is success? Most people define it in one of three ways: How many possessions do you own? How much power do you wield over others? How much prestige do you have among peers? American Christians tend to blend right in. We even apply these standards to churches and church leaders. Which church has the...
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