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ReWritten: Exchanging Your Story for God’s Story


A year and a half ago, I met Bruce and Heather Moore. I had somehow caught wind of their story and was so inspired that we invited them out to California to attend Saddleback's leadership conference. Bruce had served on staff at two different suburban megachurches, but God had …

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Baby Sam Takes Over the World

Some stories are timeless, like this one, written by one Ella Grace, my eight-year-old daughter. Enjoy. Once there was a baby named Sam and he had the smelliest diaper in the world. He had decided to that if he distracted his family he could make a run for the White …

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All I Know Is That Now I Can See

In the gospel of John, chapter nine, Jesus healed a man who was blind from birth. He happened to do it on the sabbath, which made the religious people mad, so they interrogated the formerly blind man about his healing experience. As they sought to peg Jesus as a sinner, they …

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10 Lessons from Coca-Cola’s Happiness Machine

If you haven't already, you MUST watch this video... Now... are you smiling? Exactly! You can read a pretty great article about how Coke created its "happiness machine" and read some of the great observations that came out of the interview, but I'd like to throw some …

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