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Fresh Stories I’ve Bookmarked This Week

My Daughter's Pretty Feet

You can't lead and pour into others if you aren't taking in a steady diet of life-building content yourself. Here are some stories I've bookmarked lately, some on marriage, others on leadership, and a few on communications and design. Read what you like. 10 Simple Things You …

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Metrics: Balancing Stats and Stories

Line Chart

Church metrics. That's not a very pretty phrase. In fact, for many, it seems cold. If church becomes a numbers game, then people become "just a number," and when people are just a number, we've failed to emulate the ministry of Jesus. But if we fail to count anybody, we allow …

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Get Personal to Preach More Powerfully

Me and My Father-in-law at My First Church

When I was in Bible college, I was taught the same basic sermon preparation methods that thousands of other preachers have learned. It's a linear outline that usually begins with a major proposition, continues with several major points, each supported with explanatory …

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How to Tell Stories Like Scott Simon

Scott Simon is a journalist with National Public Radio. He's been telling huge stories for most of his career and he's an expert when it comes to phraseology and keeping a conversational tone. Whether you're telling a story in a speech or sermon, or shooting a short video for a …

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Baby Sam Takes Over the World

Some stories are timeless, like this one, written by one Ella Grace, my eight-year-old daughter. Enjoy. Once there was a baby named Sam and he had the smelliest diaper in the world. He had decided to that if he distracted his family he could make a run for the White …

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8 Year Old Mary Margaret Tells the Story of Jonah

via Wow. She did this in church too, before a live audience. …

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