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Sermon Video: When You’ve Failed, God’s Spirit Is Faithful

Brandon Preaching

God s you, and when he saves you, he saves you completely and forever, fills you with his powerful presence, and leads you into growth and maturity. But you still sin. So what happens when we fail? In this message, we learn that God invites us into a posture of repentance and he faithfully forgives and heals. …

Spiritual Truth is Understood by Spirit-Guided People

Brandon Devotional

We are inundated with marketing messages each moment of each day. From billboards to commercials to our e inboxes, someone is always trying to convince us we ought to “find out ” about a product or service. And sometimes, this marketing message affects the way we present the gospel. We unwittingly begin trying to convince people that the gospel is …

Spirit vs Law

Walk In the Spirit and Overcome!

Brandon Devotional

There is a wrestling match going on inside every believer in Christ. It is the war between the Holy Spirit Who has intertwined Himself with our very being and our flesh, that part of us that acts and decides apart from the influence of God. One of the most common questions Christians ask is, “Will I ever be done with …