Public Preaching

Two False Assumptions to Leave Behind When You Preach

Brandon Preaching

I realize that we pastors are going way beyond motivational speaking in our sermons. We are sharing the gospel and leading people to the cross. But we are still speakers and communicators nonetheless, and our effectiveness and influence depend on our understanding something about the nature of speaking. Seth Godin, a marketing guru with much to teach the church, wrote …

Exponential West

What I’m Teaching at Exponential West 2013

Brandon Church Planting

I just received final word about the sessions I’ll be teaching at Exponential West at Saddleback Church in a few weeks. It’s not too late to join me! SESSIONS Session 1: Going Social to Plant Churches Planting churches requires us to be relational, which means getting off. But what if real relationships could be initiated and stimulated using social media? We’ll …

Crowd at a Concert

6 Ways to Abuse Your Freedom of Speech and 6 Ways to Respect It

Brandon Communications, Leadership

I believe in free speech. I’m glad it’s the very first thing we added to the United States Constitution. I’m all for the freedom of the press, and I think blogging, social media, and even e (as a mass distribution weapon) are all great ways to exercise this freedom. These new technologies level the playing field and allow the huddled …