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Two False Assumptions to Leave Behind When You Preach

Public Preaching

I realize that we pastors are going way beyond motivational speaking in our sermons. We are sharing the gospel and leading people to the cross. But we are still speakers and communicators nonetheless, and our effectiveness and influence depend on our understanding something about …

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What I’m Teaching at Exponential West 2013

Exponential West

I just received final word about the sessions I'll be teaching at Exponential West at Saddleback Church in a few weeks. It's not too late to join me! SESSIONS Session 1: Going Social to Plant Churches Planting churches requires us to be relational, which means getting …

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The Three Key Components of a Solid Sermon

Me. Preaching.

There are certain elements that must be included in every single sermon that we ever preach. They are non-negotiable. To put it another way, every sermon you preach has three key components... The God Component The "God component" is what sets preaching apart from other kinds …

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Road Trip! Who’s With Us?

Screen shot 2011-06-15 at 1.44.19 PM

In 20 days or so, we'll be pulling out of Laguna Hills, California in our Penske truck and heading to northwest Arkansas to start planting Grace Hills Church. I love road trips!! I especially love road trips when I meet interesting people along the way, and that's why I'd love to …

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6 Ways to Abuse Your Freedom of Speech and 6 Ways to Respect It

I believe in free speech. I'm glad it's the very first thing we added to the United States Constitution. I'm all for the freedom of the press, and I think blogging, social media, and even email (as a mass distribution weapon) are all great ways to exercise this freedom. These new …

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How to Tell Stories Like Scott Simon

Scott Simon is a journalist with National Public Radio. He's been telling huge stories for most of his career and he's an expert when it comes to phraseology and keeping a conversational tone. Whether you're telling a story in a speech or sermon, or shooting a short video for a …

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What Language Do You Preach In?


I preach in English, because it's all I know. I took Spanish in college, but sat next to my wife and stayed distracted the whole semester - wound up with a C. But I'm not really getting at language in the sense of nationalities or tribal traditions. What I want to know is, do you …

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A Cool Idea for Message Presentations

At our church, we use PowerPoint at the moment, but we're looking into a few other great church/worship presentation platforms. No matter what you use, I thought this was a really cool idea. What went through my head was a Pastor jotting his notes down during the week, then …

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What Sets Preaching Apart from Other Public Speaking?

My favorite classes at Western Kentucky University weren't the Religious Studies courses (my major), or even the History courses (my minor). My favorite classes were in the area of speech and professional communication (what I wish had been my major). I grew up super-shy like …

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Hey Pastor, Can You Translate This Message?

You can't undervalue truth and content in a message, but you can fail to drive it home if you can't translate it. consider this thought from Making a Difference in Preaching: Haddon Robinson on Biblical Preaching... Spurgeon was right: the people in the marketplace cannot …

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