How Social Media Can Help Nonprofits Make a Big Impact

I’ve prepared some notes for a presentation to some amazing nonprofit leaders in Siloam Springs, Arkansas and wanted to pass along the slides and notes to other nonprofit leaders. You can watch the slideshow and download the notes as a free pdf document over at RewiredSocial.com. Grab the Presentation
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The Complete Guide to Communicating About Church Events

I’ve written a lengthy guide about church communication and church events over at my blog about social media and the church, RewiredSocial.com… Church communications is both art and science. You can use spreadsheets, but you also need finesse. You can print bulletins, but few people will read them. You can use social media but few people...
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How to Grow Your Sunday Attendance Using Social Media

When I was a kid, my grandparents owned a small, community store in Browning, Kentucky where I grew up. It was the hub of social activity a the end of each workday. Commuters from town would stop for gas and maybe an ice cream cone and would catch up on life with one another before...
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Is Social Media Bad for You? Or Are You Just Bad with Social Media?

When I wrote Rewired, I argued that there is really nothing new about “social media” except the term itself. Media (truth, information) has been around since the world began, and God made us to be social from the start. It was always his idea that truth and information, especially the good news about God, be spread relationally,...
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Before Your Church Starts Using Social Media…

Should churches utilize social media for the mission of carrying the gospel to the ends of the earth? Yes! But after a decade or so of helping churches and leaders utilize blogging and social networking for ministry I’ve come to a solid conclusion that every church leader needs to hear: We don’t need to get...
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3 Dials

The 3 Big Questions of this Social, Digital Age

I’ve decided to connect with a lot of people in a lot of different ways. I also read a lot of stuff, mostly online but also in print. And I try to write and share great content along the way. The problem is, each of these is never-ending. In other words, there will always be...
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Your Brand Represents the Gospel

Is Social Media Really THAT Important?

No. Oh, did you expect me to say yes? To sell you on the undeniable need for developing a social media platform? To convince you that if you don’t start tweeting, your influence is going down in flames? Let me elaborate. Social media is important. It matters so much that I wrote a book about...
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Going Social to Plant Churches

There is a formula for launching a church in America. Collect lots of money. Spend lots of money getting the word out. Turn the big crowd of strangers into a church. It’s easy… if you have lots of money. But c’mon, church planters are hackers by nature right? It’s possible to get the word out...
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Elvanto - Best Web-based Church Management Software

The Ultimate Church Membership Database Software [Updated]

doesn’t exist. Or at least I didn’t think it did, until I discovered Elvanto. I’m updating this post. You can read about the dilema I was in, and then below, why Elvanto is my new favorite solution… There are plenty of choices. Their ads run in major magazines and in the sidebars of popular blogs,...
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