4 Ways You Can Use Social Media for Good

March 31, 2015Communications

I just wrote an article for one of the best websites on the net for small group ministry, SmallGroups.com. Here’s the intro: No one can deny the popularity of social networking. It’s everywhere. It’s the cloud we breathe all the time without even thinking about it. If you’re like most people, you get anxious when … Read More

Who Are Your 3? Your 12? Your 70? Your Thousands?

February 6, 2015Leadership

With whom are you doing life? What I mean is, with whom do you spend time hanging out and talking about the deepest things of life? Whom do you sharpen, and who sharpens you? Jesus lived toward the cross and the resurrection, and his singular focus on his end game motivated him to live very … Read More

7 Signs of a Healthy Small Group

December 9, 2013Leadership

I’m sold on small groups. There are very few ways to create an atmosphere conducive to building strong relationships than studying the Bible in the living room of a friend. I also agree with Rick Howerton about the need to consider a organic pathway to healthy groups. I was recently in a conversation with … Read More

Six Traits of the Best Small Group Hosts

October 25, 2012Leadership 3 Comments

Some churches raise the bar when it comes to recruiting small group leaders. You need to be a member for X amount of time, well versed in the church’s doctrinal statement, agree to a lifestyle covenant, etc. The qualified the leader, the stronger the group will be… or so goes conventional wisdom. But is … Read More

Small Group Ministry versus Leading a New Kind of Tribe

October 24, 2012Leadership

Traditional small group ministry might seem like a leap ahead of the lecture-based classroom in terms of relationship-building, but the rate of change in our surrounding culture still far outpaces the rate of change within the church. Small group ministry is changing. Again. And Rick Howerton, one of the few guys I read religiously concerning … Read More

6 Goals of An Effective Small Group Ministry

October 13, 2011Church Planting, Leadership

We haven’t officially launched our small group ministry at Grace Hills yet. I’ve done plenty of reading, researching, and consulting the minds of some of the nation’s foremost small groups thinkers. What I’ve discovered is that there is a broad variety of approaches to small group ministry, many tempered by the experiences of individual churches. … Read More