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Is Mad Men a Religious Program?

Mad Men

Well... no, but it certainly makes for a good illustration of a very simple biblical principle - that of consequences. The laws of "sowing and reaping" or "cause and effect" are realities we cannot escape. I loved Russell Moore's post on this topic so much I wanted to pass it along here. So often our …

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21 Things Pastors Need to Know About Porn

My Porn Blocker

Just this morning, a book came across my desk, Eyes of Integrity: The Porn Pandemic and How It Affects You, and I devoured it in a matter of hours, not because it was an "easy read" but because it shares a compelling story that rarely gets talked about - what happens to people who consume or produce …

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Winning the War Over the Flesh

There is a universal battle in the lives of believers between the flesh and the Spirit. We waver between doing what our fleshly instincts tell us to do and doing what God is telling us to do. This is a timeless battle. As we look through the life of David, we've come to a spot in his life where I believe he …

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A Video for Every Man – Slow Fade

"People never crumble in a day. It's a slow fade." ~ Casting Crowns How true! Failures of a spiritual or moral nature happen as we chip away at our own integrity, as Satan gains one little foothold after another, and as sin creeps up behind us. It happens little by little. Everybody, but especially ever …

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Why God’s Judgment Is Such a Tough Subject

As Isaiah put it, God's ways are above our ways, and His thoughts are above our thoughts. He is holy, transcendent, distinct, and set apart from us. And He is, as Noah put it, the "Judge of all the earth," and He will "do right." But we often answer wrongly on His behalf. Let me say that I don't have all …

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Walmart Is Not Immune… And Neither Are You

This is our morning paper's headline: Walmart Not Immune. This has been kind of a dark day in northwest Arkansas. Many woke up today with no place to go. They will receive two months of severance pay, but the ripple effect of the layoffs has yet to be determined, and it may simply be a sign of things to …

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Book Review: It Came From Within, by Andy Stanley

Everything you say and do comes from the heart... everything! That's exactly what Jesus said, along with Solomon and other biblical writers. And that's what Andy Stanley tells us in his book It Came From Within. Most of us like to think like the Pharisees, that our problems have to do with what goes into …

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Abortion is a Deal-Breaker for Me

Al Mohler published a blog article today entitled Is the Abortion Argument Changing?. It's excellent. At the end, he references a sermon by Russell Moore that makes the argument that Joseph (Jesus' step-father) was a "single-issue evangelical." I'm fairly progressive. I'm quite forward-thinking. But when it …

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Preaching About Depravity

The soul that sins - it shall die.

Yesterday, I preached about depravity. We're journeying through the entire Bible and I came to the passage where Moses comes down off the mountain and the people have made a golden calf. God prepared him with the information, but Moses was still utterly shocked at their rebellion. That's how we approach the …

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Kumbaya, My Lord!

What does that mean, anyway? Actually, it means "come by here." We didn't sing Kumbaya at camp this week, but God definitely showed up! This was my first experience with church camp... ever! I'd been to Conservation Camp in elementary school and hated every minute of it. This week was vastly different. For one …

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