Shoes Can Take You Anywhere

June 27, 2013By BrandonDevotional

Mama says they was magic shoes. They could take me anywhere. – Forrest Gump Warfare always requires walking. And often, it requires running. Either way, good shoes are essential. Shoes offer us protection. Any parent who has stepped on a lego checking on their kids at night understands this. They protect our feet from the … Read More

To God’s People: In Times of Gloom… Shine!

February 11, 2009By BrandonLiving 2 Comments

Early mid-morning yesterday, reports began trickling in from various sources that Walmart was laying off people from the home office (located here in Bentonville, Arkansas). By day’s end, I think the number was around 850, maybe . Walmart, McDonald’s, and Dunkin’ Donuts were three of the only companies that I had read about in the … Read More

Stories About Giving… Starting with Shoes

December 12, 2008By BrandonLiving

This past Sunday, I talked about giving. Toward the end of the message, I challenged people to take off their shoes and leave them at church. We give away shoes several times per year and hundreds of people come with a need. As people walked out of church barefoot across the cold, hard concrete, they … Read More

Everybody’s Got Shoes, My Lord!

August 9, 2008By BrandonCulture

That’s a lyric from an old gospel song about needing new shoes to walk around heaven someday. Well today, we gave away almost 500 pair of shoes at Bethel Baptist Church. Two news crews even showed up and we’ll be on the evening news on 2 channels (and I wore horizontal stripes!) – KNWA and … Read More

In the Beginning

May 30, 2007By BrandonLeadership, Living, Theology

This week is very monumental for me. I am preparing to begin preaching through the entire Bible this Sunday morning. It has been a ministry-long dream. Since reading the autobiography of Dr. W. A. Criswell, who preached through the Scriptures over an almost eighteen year period at First Baptist Church in Dallas, it has seemed … Read More