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5 Ways to Encourage Another Leader

Everyone needs a Paul and a Timothy (or several of each). That is, we all need to be learning from mentors and mentoring learners. There is always someone ahead of us and always someone just behind us. It is the role and responsibility of a leader to give another leader a lift. So how can we, in a practical way, give another leader a lift? 1. Call a fellow leader on the phone and mentor them without even telling them you're doing it. Just ask them a ton of questions …

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Social Media is Two Words

Social… media. Media either exists or it doesn’t. Making media social is the trick, isn’t it? We’re on the verge of burning people out on the phrase, but I can’t seem to come up with any great alternatives. Nonetheless, rather than focus on social media as a career, or even as a discipline unto itself, we absolutely must hang on to the underlying principles. How do you make media social? …

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Why I Like Sharing Things on Google Buzz

I recently wrote an article for bloggers about whether or not we can afford to ignore Google Buzz. Since writing that article shortly after Buzz's public release, I've really come to value certain aspects of it as a sharing platform. …

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