Seth Godin’s Thought on Big Ideas

Brandon Leadership

Here’s a gigantic thought from Seth Godin in just nine words… I wonder how true that is of churches. A large (or growing) church was just a little church nobody killed. I also wonder how true this is for churches to hear. The big, winning ideas about reaching your community were just the little ideas nobody squashed with such words …

168 Hours: What Is Most Important?

Brandon Leadership, Living

Pastors live toward Sunday. Most people celebrate hitting the door on Friday afternoon, but for Pastors, the work is only coming to a climax amidst the busy weekends of our lives. On Sunday night, we decompress and on Monday morning, we’re at it again (only the smart ones take Mondays off). No matter how great the sermon seemed to you …

When Good Design and Effective Marketing Clash

Brandon Communications

That’s right – great design work can sometimes be counterproductive to effective storytelling. Seth Godin addresses this point in his blog on The first question every web site designer must ask. His basic conclusion is that some organizations need for the public to stand in awe of the design, but some don’t. The design can distract people from the story. …