Saved People Serve People

God wants to do a great work in you! You may or may not believe that, but it’s true. And, the word he wants to do IN you is not for your mere enjoyment alone – it’s so that you can impact the world AROUND you. In this first message in our new¬†InsideOut series, we...
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Why You’re Not Qualified for the Position… Yet

If they’d just make me a manager, I’d make this company better. If I could just find a staff position, I could really serve people. If I just had a church of my own to pastor. I used to think that way. When I went to college, I wanted nothing more than to serve as...
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Ninety and Nine

Three Prerequisites to Leading Others Well

Being loud doesn’t make you a leader. Neither does being popular. Leadership is influence, and influence means taking people in a direction they wouldn’t otherwise be going – hopefully forward. Ambition isn’t enough to qualify you to lead. There is more to the equation. You need to be led before you can really lead. This...
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Soup Line

Ranting on Facebook versus Doing the Hard Stuff

Ranting and raving on Facebook about how the immoral, evil, liberal, leftist, socialists have taken over and will be the demise of our country doesn’t equate to you “standing up for what is right” or “making a difference.” It means you can type. Congrats. I understand posting about issues you feel strongly about and have...
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Ella Serving

8 Reasons to Take a Sunday to Serve Outside the Church Walls

We called ours We Love NWA because that’s how people refer to our community. Whatever you call it, we’re glad we took a weekend away from having a worship service in our theater to serve our neighbors. We’re not the first, by any means to have a weekend to “be” the church instead of “doing”...
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How To Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

Every believer in Jesus has been granted abilities that are empowered by the Holy Spirit. We are all born with various talents, but spiritual gifts are given to us when we become a Christian. The seeds of those gifts are often evident from birth, but the Holy Spirit empowers believers for ministry in supernatural ways....
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