Sermon Video: Saved People Serve People

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God wants to do a great work in you! You may or may not believe that, but it’s true. And, the word he wants to do IN you is not for your mere enjoyment alone – it’s so that you can impact the world AROUND you. In this first message in our new InsideOut series, we scratch the surface of what it means for God to want to pour his truth, grace, love, and power into our lives to prepare us to make a difference by serving others.

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58 Practices Of a Healthy Church Community

Group Hug

Group HugIt’s impossible for a Pastor or even a church staff to care for the spiritual, emotional, and social needs of every individual and family in a congregation. Expecting them to do so places an unscriptural and undue burden on them and creates unrealistic and bound-to-be-unmet expectations in the minds of church members. I mentioned this in a post I wrote last weekend about how I’m sorry when I let people down. In that post, I raised a question. Who then cares for the individuals within a church family? And I answered it. “The individuals do.”

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