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This Coming Weekend: How to Have Hope Every Day

Why We Hope Sermon Series

Easter offers us hope for the forgiveness of sin and for eternal life. But there is more! God offers us some huge reasons to have hope every single day! In part two of Why We Hope, coming up this Sunday at Grace Hills, we'll look at the three big gifts Jesus gives today to help us live with hope every day no …

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One More Way to Outline a Sermon

Sermon Preparation

Adrian Rogers outlined sermons using four phrases: Hey You! (Get the audience's attention) Look! (Examine the Scriptures) See! (Explain the passage) Do! (Make application) Andy Stanley is famous for one-point preaching, but really breaks his messages into five movements: Me (How do I struggle …

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8 Ways to Hook Your Congregation Into Your Message


The biblical text should be the grand centerpiece of every sermon. But we often take what should be the centerpiece, and move it to the front of what we have to say. In most cases, reading the text should come first in importance, but not first in the order of a message. Whether you're looking back at Plato or …

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Easter Means Healing Now, Hope Forever

Let me focus in for a moment on Simon Peter, one of the key disciples surrounding Jesus. You may know the story by heart in which Peter asserted that He would never dessert the Lord Jesus, to which Jesus replied, “Before the cock crows, you will have denied me three times.” Sure enough, Peter forsook his …

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If I Were Preaching a Christmas Sermon Series

Christmas: Good Times

Note: Yes! Feel free to use anything you find here. Permission granted! I'm not in a pulpit this year, but if I were, I'd most likely be preaching a 4-part series of messages surrounding the story of the nativity. This is a time of year when Jesus still gets a bit more attention than usual, even if some of …

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Squeeze a Sermon for All It’s Worth

Church Marketing Sucks

I just had a guest post published over at, a site dedicated to helping the church communicate with greater excellence. A sermon takes a lot of work to produce, so my challenge is to find ways to utilize the value of it in various ways even after it's preached. Check out Repurposing …

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The 25 Most Influential Preachers of the Last 25 Years

This month's copy of Preaching Magazine arrived a week or so ago and Billy Graham made the cover for a story in which Michael Diduit names 25 of the most influential Preachers of the last 25 years. The article has also been published at Sermon Central for you to read. There are several names on the list who …

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An Entire Sermon In One Graphic

Possible working concept for the camp theme for the Meramec Baptist Association's summer youth camp. …

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You Are God Alone

Above is the audio from a recent message I preached at Bethel from 1 Samuel chapter 2 - Hannah's song of praise to God. …

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How We Record Sermons for the Audio Podcast


We've been recording messages and distributing them in mp3 format for quite some time now. Our old site (no longer in use, but holds archives) is and we now post sermons at Bethel's site and distribute them via podcast. There are a lot of ways to do this, and many may be more efficient or …

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