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One More Way to Outline a Sermon

Sermon Preparation

Adrian Rogers outlined sermons using four phrases: Hey You! (Get the audience's attention) Look! (Examine the Scriptures) See! (Explain the passage) Do! (Make application) Andy Stanley is famous for one-point preaching, but really breaks his messages into five …

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Think “Warm” As You Plan Your Church’s Christmas Calendar

Have a Warm Christmas

I've never really considered this before, but Gary Molander makes a pretty deep point about where our audience is when we go into the holiday season. As we design communication pieces, craft messages, and plan services, it's a good idea to think about the perspective from which …

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Mind Mapping and Sermon Preparation


Below is a mind map. Behold... If you've never used mind mapping, you might want to give it a try. I've found it to be an excellent tool for brainstorming, organizational charting, sermon preparation, memorization of large amounts of data, planning, and collaboration. …

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The Two Halves of Sermon-Making

Great preachers and professors today differ on the best way to communicate the gospel. I'm still a strong advocate of book-by-book, expository preaching and I've found it to be a very divinely blessed method in the spiritual growth of God's people. I also believe that expository …

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