Relationship Principles for Life (Part 3)


Just a review…

Truth #1: It’s Not About Me!
Truth #2: We Should Speak the Truth in Love

In America, we have an incredibly individualistic focus. We tend to fix our gaze on the achievements of the one, whereas ancient and more remote cultures tend to focus on the larger family unit. Because of our individual mindset, we miss out the depth of meaning in this phrase from Ephesians 4:25, “…we are members one of another.” So here is the third truth in our series of relationship principles for life

We are responsible for each other.

You Always Own Your Words: Choose Them Well

Once you spit something out, you can’t take it back. We see this principle demonstrated all the time in the media. A leader or celebrity says something insensitive and suddenly heads roll. Jesus said our words are an indicator of our heart, and the Proverbs tell us that you can’t recover words once you’ve thrown them out there. So choose wisely what you’re about to say.