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OpenChurch: A Global Influence Platform for the Whole Church

Only 10% of Christian believers live in America, but 80% of global influencers are Americans. Imagine for a moment if the portions of the church that are richest in resources could pool those resources and create a global platform for communicating about ideas and sharing resources globally. Apparently, just 500 partners investing $31 per day could pull it off.

That’s the vision behind OpenChurch, an initiative I was made aware of by friend and church communications leader Kent Shaffer. And you can be part of the project too. You can write, provide resources, volunteer, or donate to make this amazing, God-sized dream a reality. Just look for a moment at the graphic below and let the power of this huge idea sink in…


Visit OpenChurch

Awesome Links & Resources for Creative People

I’m reviving an old practice here of posting some of my favorite creative links and resources from the past week. This is partly because I’m behind on passing them along on Twitter, and partly because I think passing along resources is part of how I’m wired. I’ll try to subdivide them as well as possible. Here we go!


Michael Hyatt talks about How Leaders Make Tough Decisions.

Branding, Design, & Communications

I love these inspirationally designed infographics for designers passed along by Speckyboy!

The Grid-Style In Web Design, Plus 30 Great Examples.

From the Resonate or Die blog: Go beyond church branding and become a host.

ChurchCreate presents an 1140 pixel, 12 column design framework.

How about 500 free Photoshop patters!

Love jquery as much as me? Here are 26 useful jquery navigation menu tutorials.

And while we’re on the subject of jquery, here are 10 useful jquery plugins and techniques from the Web Design Ledger.

From the Open Forum, here’s a great primer on brand development (and it’s part of a larger series).

Smashing Magazine brings us a sweet collection of memorable websites, plus some thoughts on how to design them.

SWFPress: WordPress + Flash? Whoa. – a new integration of WordPress as a CMS plus Flash for design. I’m not a Flash-guy, but this looks neat.

Mashable presents 20 free social media icon sets.

Nettuts talks about the state of CSS3.

Jacob Gube shares some excellent free blackletter fonts.

Work with InDesign much? Noupe brings us the ultimate collection of InDesign tools.

Photographers need to read the art of emotion from Fuel Your Photography.

I loved these 30 examples of big backgrounds in web design.

On one of my other blogs, I’ve shared some nostalgic old revival posters.

Social Media

Social Media Examiner gives us 4 LinkedIn Tips to Help you Stand Out as well as 7 Twitter strategies for growing a great following.

If you’re a blogger, you need to define the “who” in the question of who cares about your blog.

Francisco Rosales interviews Corbett Barr on the basics of affiliate marketing on his excellent SocialMouths blog.

SEOMoz presents some excellent link-building tips for personal blogs.

Read some quick tips for easy blog branding.

And I wrote Hey Church! Don’t Miss the Social CRM Wave over at MediaSalt.

Search Engine Journal had a great list of 28 link-building suggestions.

John Saddington has released a sweet new social profiles widget.

What’d I miss?

Unleash Ministries: A Great Church Helping Church Leaders

When I find a great resource for Pastors and church leaders, I love to pass it along. Perry Noble and Newspring Church have just tossed up a pretty awesome little site devoted to connecting with leaders and providing resources. Go check out Unleash Ministries.

Unleash Ministries

Life in the Rearview: October in Review

Just in case you missed any articles during October, here’s a summary… Oh, and Happy Halloween!

October 1: A Clean (But Morbid) Joke

October 4: Walking In the Confidence of God’s Calling

October 6: The Rut, the Rat Race, and the Daily Grind

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Find Your Inner-Blogger via Fuel Your Blogging


I’ve been a fan of the whole family of sites belonging to the Fuel Brand Network for quite some time as a source of inspiration and instruction. Today, a post went live on one of the newest Fuel sites, Fuel Your Blogging. Oh, and I wrote it. Check it out…

Eight Inner-Qualities of Great Bloggers