Books, Blogs, & Resources for Church Leaders – February 5, 2016

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Bos to Take Note Of Rebuild: Reset Your Life. Renew Your Church. Reshape Your World., by Tommy Kyllonen Rebuilding is way harder than building. But sometimes God calls you to this stretching work rather than starting something new. Pastor and hip-hop artist Tommy Kyllonen faced this journey when God led him to an abandoned Toys “R” Us building in inner city Tampa and …


OpenChurch: A Global Influence Platform for the Whole Church

Brandon Communications, Culture

Only 10% of Christian believers live in America, but 80% of global influencers are Americans. Imagine for a moment if the portions of the church that are richest in resources could pool those resources and create a global platform for communicating about ideas and sharing resources globally. Apparently, just 500 partners investing $31 per day could pull it off. That’s …

Awesome Links & Resources for Creative People

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I’m reviving an old practice here of posting some of my favorite creative links and resources from the past week. This is partly because I’m behind on passing them along on , and partly because I think passing along resources is part of how I’m wired. I’ll try to subdivide them as well as possible. Here we go! Leadership Michael …