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OpenChurch: A Global Influence Platform for the Whole Church


Only 10% of Christian believers live in America, but 80% of global influencers are Americans. Imagine for a moment if the portions of the church that are richest in resources could pool those resources and create a global platform for communicating about ideas and sharing …

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Awesome Links & Resources for Creative People

I'm reviving an old practice here of posting some of my favorite creative links and resources from the past week. This is partly because I'm behind on passing them along on Twitter, and partly because I think passing along resources is part of how I'm wired. I'll try to subdivide …

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Unleash Ministries: A Great Church Helping Church Leaders

Unleash Ministries

When I find a great resource for Pastors and church leaders, I love to pass it along. Perry Noble and Newspring Church have just tossed up a pretty awesome little site devoted to connecting with leaders and providing resources. Go check out Unleash Ministries. …

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Cool Stuff For the Weekend – Issue #4

In case you missed it, I released the inaugural edition of the Life Here and There newsletter this week (you can subscribe over on the right), and plan on publishing it once or twice per week in the future. Here are some cool things for your weekend! …

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Life in the Rearview: October in Review

Just in case you missed any articles during October, here's a summary... Oh, and Happy Halloween! October 1: A Clean (But Morbid) Joke October 4: Walking In the Confidence of God's Calling October 6: The Rut, the Rat Race, and the Daily Grind …

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Find Your Inner-Blogger via Fuel Your Blogging


I've been a fan of the whole family of sites belonging to the Fuel Brand Network for quite some time as a source of inspiration and instruction. Today, a post went live on one of the newest Fuel sites, Fuel Your Blogging. Oh, and I wrote it. Check it out... Eight Inner-Qualities …

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Web Design Tips from Leonardo da Vinci? Absolutely

The online reading habits of a designer often consists of inspirational design galleries, how-to articles, and free downloads. Occasionally, however, an article rises above them all and connects the ancient with the modern, the sophisticated with the simple. Such is the case with …

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Speed Reading: Read a Book Per Day, a Blog Per Minute

I'm an avid reader, online and off. I love great blogs and I love good books even more. I may never own a Kindle because I still like to open a book with a spine. There's a problem with reading though - it takes time, and there are way to many books and articles to read to be …

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