The Heaviness of My Heart for Spiritual Awakening In America

July 15, 2014By BrandonCulture

I’ve probably been reading too much news lately, and it has created a sense of heaviness in my heart. I tweeted yesterday, “For me, today, the world seems ‘scary big.’ And God is infinitely bigger.” A few friends assumed I must be going through some personal pain, but my feeling really flowed out of my observations about … Read More

You Can't NOT Have A Blog

November 10, 2008By BrandonCommunications 2 Comments

The internet is all abuzz with fervent opinions about the “death of blogging” article in last month’s Wired magazine. Whether you feel blogging is alive and well or yesterday’s news, the Republican party is taking notice! John over at Human 3rror has written a pretty cool blog post about the different approaches of Democrats and … Read More