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Sermon Video: When You’ve Failed, God’s Spirit Is Faithful

Brandon Preaching

God s you, and when he saves you, he saves you completely and forever, fills you with his powerful presence, and leads you into growth and maturity. But you still sin. So what happens when we fail? In this message, we learn that God invites us into a posture of repentance and he faithfully forgives and heals. …


5 Ways to Recover Your Passion for Pastoral Leadership

Brandon Leadership

I’ve been there. I’ve been burned out and depressed, discouraged and defeated. I’ve led in atmospheres where every creative idea was smothered by questions rooted in fear. I’ve been distracted by secondary interests. I’ve given into my own emotions and have isolated myself from healthy, life-giving relationships. And I’ve recovered. That doesn’t mean I’m where I need to be – I’m …

Cross On the Wall

Feeling Guilty? Why We Should Embrace the Gift of Guilt

Brandon Devotional

Regret stinks. It’s an awful place to live. None of us like to feel guilty. So here’s some good news and some bad news about guilt. The bad news is, you’re guilty. As I am. As everyone is. The Apostle Paul made it pretty explicit, quoting the 53rd Psalm, As the Scriptures say, “No one is righteous—not even one. No one …

How God Responds When His People Turn Back to Him

Brandon Devotional

Repentance is a word that carries a lot of religious baggage with it. We usually define repentance as merely confession, or merely sorrow and guilt, or merely as changing our behavior. The truth is, it’s all three. Repentance is changing our minds about sin, self and God so that we agree with God about our sin and commit to truly …


When You Don’t Feel Like Running to God

Brandon Devotional

When you least feel like running to God, that’s when you really need to run to God. And when you feel the least lovable, the least acceptable, that’s when His mercy shows itself strongest. King David once cried out, “Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I am in trouble… Oh, how great is your goodness, which you have laid …