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7 Tips For Better Social Media Connections

Big Cup o' Joe

In the world of social media, there's a common scenario that goes a little something like this: FOLLOWEE TO NEW FOLLOWER: Hi! Thanks for following. Check out my services and my blog, and like me on Facebook! In other words, I don't know you or care who you are. I just want you to know me and buy my …

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Six Traits of the Best Small Group Hosts


Some churches raise the bar when it comes to recruiting small group leaders. You need to be a member for X amount of time, well versed in the church's doctrinal statement, agree to a lifestyle covenant, etc. The more qualified the leader, the stronger the group will be... or so goes conventional wisdom. But is …

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How to Fix Broken Relationships


Context: The following are my notes for a message to the men gathering for Saddleback's Herd Saturday, which is why it's a message directed primarily at men. Two Things Men Do Well We've been raising both a daughter and a son. I've watched my daughter grow from a baby to an eight year old. She has an amazing …

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Facebook Versus Everything Else

This is a random thought. It's not backed up with research - it's just the product of my own hunch about the web. Facebook represents kind of a one world order when it comes to information and socialization. You can live inside of it and not really interact too much with the outside world. You can blog there, …

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This Mess Called Marriage

Are you happily married? If you're smart (and you've been married more than two years), you'll realize that's a question that depends on how things are going in the moment. Am I happily married? I am today - not sure about tomorrow. But I am securely and joyfully married. …

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Relationship Principles for Life (Part 3)


Just a review... Truth #1: It's Not About Me! Truth #2: We Should Speak the Truth in Love In America, we have an incredibly individualistic focus. We tend to fix our gaze on the achievements of the one, whereas ancient and more remote cultures tend to focus on the larger family unit. Because of our …

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Relationship Principles for Life (Part 2)


Here's a link to the whole series. Last week I wrote about the first of several relationship principles for life and that was It's Not About Me. Today I'm moving into Ephesians 4 for the next several principles for relationships. We should speak the truth in love (Eph. 4:15) …

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Relationship Principles for Life (Part 1)

When I was a kid, I can remember having occasional "family meetings" in which Mom and Dad (who usually, at this point, had "had it") would sit us down and lay down some "new rules." Generally this mean no more eating in the living room or leaving half-drunk soda cans lying around. We made it as much of a …

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What the World Wide Web Can Never Do

The internet began for information. It also exists for inspiration, community, and commerce. It's called the net or the web because of the intricate connections created between people and organizations. The average person will consume more information in a month than would have been consumed in one's lifetime a …

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Cultivating A Shepherd’s Heart

This past week I was privileged to hear Dr. H. B. London, who always speaks right to my heart. He related a conversation he had with Henry Blackaby about the significant turning point in Blackaby's spiritual life. It was the time God basically said to him, "You're not going to rush me anymore." From that point …

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