Boba Fett Keeps Me On Track

Why You Can’t Seem to Manage Your Time

Brandon Leadership

Time management. Of all the people I know who ever focus on this concept, only a small handful are confident that they’re doing it well. Most of us feel out of control. We feel that our specialty is time mis-management. Why is this so? I believe it’s because we fail to see the bigger picture. Time management isn’t enough. It’s …

Reading and Listening

3 Luxuries That Should Be Essentials

Brandon Living

There are three luxuries I never feel I have enough time for – reading, writing, and creating. Why? Because they tend to follow the “have to’s” such as financial management, relationship management, task lists, and deads. Have you ever said something like, “I don’t have time to read another bo, write another blog post, or craft a new sermon… I …


3 Ministries of Every Church Staff Member

Brandon Leadership

Some churches view the staff as hired workers. If that is the case in your church, respect your leaders and don’t blame any rebellious attitudes on what I am about to say about this. Other churches view the staff as interdependent creative thinkers and leaders. In the first case, the usual mentality is “anything you aren’t doing for the church should …


Ordering the Priorities of Life

Brandon Living

Priorities are a continuing struggle for most of us. For people in ministry leadership, this struggle usually doesn’t result from a lack of commitment, but from a lack of clarity about our commitments. That is, we’re either over-committed or we’re committed to mutually exclusive priorities. We are all given 168 hours in a week, but some of us use those …

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How Do You Juggle It All?

Brandon Leadership

Right now, I’m managing the re-launch of, several creative projects, multiple blogs, and a few other odds and ends. Some of you are managing much (like toddlers, messy husbands, or air traffic control). I’ve written before that I believe this is the age of many hats. One of the questions I hear a lot is “how do you manage …