Are We Still Praying for the President?

Brandon Culture

Polls indicate that most Americans don’t trust our chief governmental leader right now. He’s pushed through an unpopular piece of legislation with potentially damaging effects and its rollout has been an all out blooper reel. At times, he seems unbending and arrogant – unfazed by the barrage of criticism leveled his way. But we know better, don’t we? Any of …

Just What Christianity Doesn’t Need – Prayers Like This!

Brandon Culture

Pastor Steve Anderson prays regularly for President Obama’s death. I really don’t even have to write this short post… but I will. Let me jump ahead of your thinking and say loud and clear – Mr. Anderson does not represent me. Christians should have a clear moral voice and should certainly stand up for the principles of absolute truth as …

Martin Luther King, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Roe v. Wade, and the Sanctity of Human Life

Brandon Culture

I primarily wanted to comment on the significance of these three days. Sunday – Sanctity of human life Sunday, a rememberance of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. Monday – Martin Luther King, Jr. day, a celebration of tremendous advances in civil rights at tremendous costs. Tuesday – Our farewell to George W. Bush and our welcoming of …

Barack Obama

Welcome President Obama – My New President

Brandon Culture

Barack Obama has been declared, at this point, President-elect of the United States. My reaction? Welcome. I didn’t choose him, but God did. I could not and did not vote for him because of some serious values-clashes. But now, It’s time for us to prayerfully support the man God has chosen for this position. Let’s be obedient to 1 Timothy …