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Are We Still Praying for the President?

Polls indicate that most Americans don’t trust our chief governmental leader right now. He’s pushed through an unpopular piece of legislation with potentially damaging effects and its rollout has been an all out blooper reel. At times, he seems unbending and arrogant – unfazed by the barrage of criticism leveled his way. But we know better, don’t we?

Any of us, in his shoes, would be dying on the inside. Our family life would be battered by the side effects of a Dad whom the entire free world is against. We’d wonder if there would ever be a way out of the mess and out of the misery and loneliness of being in trouble at the top.

Imagine, when facing such a crucible of stress and pressure, someone from the crowd placing a hand on that guy’s shoulder and saying, “Mr. President, I’m praying for you, and I’m sorry you’re having to bear so much heaviness.”

You may want to comment about how he volunteered for the job, about how he needs a stiff reprimand for his decision-making, and about how the future of our country’s soul is at stake. Fine. Over coffee, I might just agree with a lot of your points.

But be human for a second. Think like a redeemed sinner for just a moment. Put on your extra-dose-of-grace cap for just long enough to realize the power of an encouraging word in such a dark moment of a leader’s soul.

We live in times of cynicism and sharp tongues. I don’t think that’s new. I think it’s politics and culture. It’s the system. It’s how things work. It’s… the world. But I’m not really that in love with the world anymore and I so often want to know, as a citizen of a different kingdom, how I can bring God’s grace to the people of the planet around me.

Barack and Michelle Obama, I don’t always like your policies. But however things shape up, I’m praying for you and your family. Right now. The Father and I are having a conversation about you, your marriage, and your kids and I’m asking Him to sustain your strength and get you through this.

Just What Christianity Doesn’t Need – Prayers Like This!

Pastor Steve Anderson prays regularly for President Obama’s death. I really don’t even have to write this short post… but I will. Let me jump ahead of your thinking and say loud and clear – Mr. Anderson does not represent me.

Christians should have a clear moral voice and should certainly stand up for the principles of absolute truth as revealed in God’s Word. We’ve definitely had the weakness of watering down our doctrine and losing our saltiness at times. Nonetheless, the New Testament never gives us the authority to storm into the throneroom of God with an impreccatory prayer, calling for the death of a national leader. It’s kind of an insane theology that requires one person to pronounce a judgment of mortality upon another person.

It’s bad. Let’s not do such things, okay people?

Martin Luther King, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Roe v. Wade, and the Sanctity of Human Life

I primarily wanted to comment on the significance of these three days.

  • Sunday – Sanctity of human life Sunday, a rememberance of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.
  • Monday – Martin Luther King, Jr. day, a celebration of tremendous advances in civil rights at tremendous costs.
  • Tuesday – Our farewell to George W. Bush and our welcoming of Barack Obama.

My thoughts… (random, but worth hearing, or at least worth saying)

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Al Mohler Speaks: America Has Chosen a President

I’ve been experiencing a whirlwind of emotions in the last twenty-four hours. Even before Karl Rove said it around lunchtime, it was obvious who our next President would be. I listened to the speeches of both McCain and Obama, then went to bed. I went right to sleep. Why? Well, I was tired! And, I know Who is ultimately in charge.

This morning I have struggled to articulate my own feelings about the situation, which is why I want to encourage you to read Al Mohler’s post from today. Mohler is a master wordsmith and I could never say it quite the way He did, so read…

America Has Chosen a President.

Welcome President Obama – My New President

Barack Obama has been declared, at this point, President-elect of the United States. My reaction? Welcome. I didn’t choose him, but God did. I could not and did not vote for him because of some serious values-clashes. But now, It’s time for us to prayerfully support the man God has chosen for this position. Let’s be obedient to 1 Timothy 2:1-2 and undergird him in prayer daily. God has granted us this man as President in His sovereign wisdom. We may agree or not, but “the powers that be are ordained of God.” (Romans 13:1-5)

Now is the time for believers in Christ to pursue the lost with a white-hot passion. We need to reach the soul of America by reaching souls in America with the gospel. Whatever you think of the outcome of this election, this is an historic moment. My six-year-old will grow up under the first African-American president in America’s history.

I won’t belabor this point, but I think the Republican party has kind of blown this election on a number of fronts. I perceived McCain to attack and Obama to simply react to the attacks with attacks of his own – the fault, in my estimation, usually fell on McCain in that regard. I also think McCain and the Republicans failed to properly estimate the power of open media in this presidential race. The blogosphere, micro-blogging in particular, and the fund-raising successes of social networking made an enormous difference in the race. If you don’t see the power of new media evident now, you must be stuck in the 1980’s.

It’s a great privilege to be an American. I got to go to the voting booth today and voice my own opinion. Sunday, I’ll get to attend church and carry my Bible. Daily, we walk in the freedom purchased with the price of the blood of men passionate about the cause of liberty. Thank God for all of this, and thank God for our leaders – may God lead and carry them, and may we become a nation God can truly smile upon.

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