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Why I’m Moved by the Inauguration of President Barack Obama

I’ll be brief. I’m moved…

  • I’m moved by Rick Warren’s prayer. It was nice to hear him pray the entire model prayer and to call for civility when differing, which indeed allows for differing.
  • I’m moved by the election of America’s first African-American president. That’s significant.
  • I’m moved by what his election says about the sanctity of life. What? Well, just watch this.
  • I’m moved by the respect Bush paid to Obama, and likewise.
  • I’m moved by a nation showing up in the millions to welcome their new leader.
  • I’m moved by the election of a man who cares about many of the things I care about.

I’m also concerned…

  • I’m concerned about the sanctity of life (this is the most pro-abortion President in our history).
  • I’m concerned about the growing power of government.
  • I’m concerned about taking a softer approach with militant Muslim nations.
  • I’m concerned about our security.

I’m also positive. I believe in giving the benefit of the doubt. Barack Obama begins today with a clean slate. We shall see what unfolds. President Bush was a different man with different viewpoints just a few years into his first term. Some of those changes were positive, some negative. God can change the heart of Obama as well – he seems tender enough.

I’m also prayerful. I’m commanded to pray for my new President and have a heart to do so. Here’s what I’m praying for…

  • His safety.
  • His family’s unity (he sets a great example here).
  • His life to be in balance.
  • His cabinet to be genuinely helpful.
  • His heart to change on abortion and other moral issues.
  • His courage in the face of world threats.
  • His legacy to be as positive as it is so far when he leaves office in four or eight years.

Hail to the Chief, but Praise to King Jesus – my supreme and sovereign Lord. What’s your delight/concern/prayer for your new President today?

Amen on the Veto, Mr. President!

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Today, President Bush took a bold stand for life when he vetoed Congress’ bill concerning stem cell research. The bill would have reversed previous policies set by the Bush Administration which limited embryonic stem cell research only to existing lines of embryos. President Bush was unequivocal that every embryo is a precious life, created with dignity.

Interestingly, there were people present in the crowd whose lives testified to the effects of funding the right kind of stem cell research. A dozen children were present who were originally conceived for in vitro fertilization but who were adopted instead of being discarded. I will agree with the liberal media that Bush did not decide with the majority of Americans on this issue, and certainly not the majority of politicians in Washington today.

I would never presume to be a scientist, nor am I much of a politician. On this issue, however, the facts seem clear. God creates life at conception, whether in a mother’s womb or a petrie dish, and it is up to no one but God to end that life. It is especially selfish to seek to destroy the most innocent and helpless among us to spare the lives of the already-living. In any other culture, with any less scientific practice, this would be termed as barbarianism, the strong preying on the weak.

Our President is not always right, but on this issue, I say, “Amen, Mr. President!”