Lost. Search. Rescue.

January 15, 2009By BrandonLiving 4 Comments

Lost. Search. Rescue. These are the words we were challenged to repeat again and again by Grady Higgs, Director of Missions for the BMA of America at this week’s symposium. It was an all around exhilarating experience. I’ve been attending these symposiums for about a dozen years, and I was encouraged by this year’s … Read More

Spurgeon on How to Judge Your Pastor

December 20, 2008By BrandonPreaching

I am inspired daily by @nickuva who runs the Daily Spurgeon web site. Today’s devo is in reference to how to judge a Pastor… May I beg you carefully to judge every preacher, not by his gifts, not by his elocutionary powers, not by his status in society, not by the respectability of his congregation, not by … Read More

Spurgeon on Preaching to the Will of the Listener

November 18, 2008By BrandonPreaching, Theology 1 Comment

W. A. Criswell defined teaching (from the pulpit) as “instructing a man in the will and ways of the Lord,” and preaching as “seeking to drive a man’s will God-ward.” There is a raging debate today over how much freedom people really have. A renewed fascination with Calvinism has brought this debate to the forefront. … Read More

Our First Sunday with Two Services

October 26, 2008By BrandonPreaching 1 Comment

Today was the first time that we’ve had two worship services. I couldn’t sleep very well over the weekend. I was nervous that things wouldn’t go well, that I would preach all the way through Sunday School, or that people would be uncomfortable with the situation. I was pleasantly surprised. Things went smoothly. The music … Read More

A Good Weekend to Be a Pastor

September 21, 2008By BrandonLiving

Thursday I visited the Native American Museum here in Bentonville with our Keenagers group and enjoyed lunch with them. Friday we dropped in on the Refuge Lockdown and were blessed not only by seeing 30 teens show up to stay up all night, but were also privileged to exit and sleep in a nice comfy … Read More

Preaching About Depravity

September 8, 2008By BrandonLeadership, Theology

Yesterday, I preached about depravity. We’re journeying through the entire Bible and I came to the passage where Moses comes down off the mountain and the people have made a golden calf. God prepared him with the information, but Moses was still utterly shocked at their rebellion. That’s how we approach the subject of depravity … Read More

Entering the Tabernacle

August 15, 2008By BrandonLeadership 2 Comments

We’re journeying through the Word of God at Bethel, one passage at a time. It’s created some amazing opportunities to communicate the gospel from a variety of stories so far. I will admit the challenge of connecting every passage to everyday life, but I still wouldn’t trade this expository approach for anything. It’s one of … Read More