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Why I Believe in Positive Thinking

Shine On

I'm not a fan of what's often called a "positive thinking" or "possibility thinking" theology That is, to say that we're all basically good and just need to realize the power of the good within us could be referred to with the theological term, baloney. We're depraved and sinful and desperately wicked. We need …

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Life or Death… I’m Good

Paul went from persecuting the church to being a persecuted apostle of the church. After his arrest in Jerusalem, during his first imprisonment, he wrote a letter to the Philippians in which he boldly declared this short but profound line... For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. (1:21) …

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When God Takes A City

We're walking with the apostle Paul on Wednesday evenings and we've just received our call to Macedonia (modern-day Greece). We parted ways with Barnabas, taking Silas instead, and we picked up Timothy and Luke on the trip. In Philippi, God took the city for Himself! How did it happen? On Saturday, one …

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Striving for Holiness

I'll just try harder. That's the mentality of most people who are trying to be good Christians. "Well, I tried and I blew it, so I'll just try harder." The problem is that God resists the proud, so the more you think you can handle sin and temptation on your own, the less God will help. But He gives grace to …

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What A Wonderful World

At our wedding, Angie and I chose to have Louie Armstrong's song played... What a Wonderful World. In light of yesterday's shootings, and so many other monumental tragedies in recent years, is it really a wonderful world? We were driving to Fort Smith yesterday for the annual meeting of the BMA of America and …

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