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5 Ways to Preach Like a Pharisee

Many of the Pharisees were probably great teachers and skilled speakers. I'm sure many were charismatic, skilled communicators. But by the time Jesus arrived on the scene, the Pharisees, on the whole, were killing the culture around them spiritually. Jesus had a lot of work to do just to unwire people from the performance-driven, legalistic trap of pharisaism. I've been guilty of preaching like a Pharisee before, and as I review my sermons from the past, I cringe a bit as …

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Snakes! Blind Leaders! How Terrible God’s Judgment Will Be For You!

One of the best books in my entire library is A. T. Robertson's Harmony of the Gospels (aff link). It was my constant guide through the Life of Christ class I took in college and I've gone back to it more than almost any other in the study of Christ's life. It isn't a detailed commentary - just a chronological arrangement of the gospels. Robertson called studying the last few days of Jesus' life being "in the shadow with Jesus." And next to the passage from Matthew 23 when …

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