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Easter Means Healing Now, Hope Forever

Let me focus in for a moment on Simon Peter, one of the key disciples surrounding Jesus. You may know the story by heart in which Peter asserted that He would never dessert the Lord Jesus, to which Jesus replied, “Before the cock crows, you will have denied me three times.” Sure enough, Peter forsook his allegiance to the Lord Jesus and denied Him, even cursing, to distance Himself from the cross. For Peter, the story didn’t end there. There was a time of restoration and …

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Acts 12 Is Powerful… But Funny!

One of the most powerful phrases in the New Testament is found in Acts chapter 12... "but prayer was made." James was martyred, killed with the sword, and Peter was thrown in prison, "but prayer was made without ceasing by the church of God for him." The result? Freedom for Peter. Imagine how some of the church's powerlessness might be remedied if we followed every difficulty with "but prayer was made." …

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It Doesn’t Matter – It’s In the Past!

There's a scene in The Lion King I really like when the old wise monkey hits Simba in the head with his cane. Simba demands, "Hey, why'd you do that?" The monkey replies, "It doesn't matter, it's in the past." There's a lot of wisdom in that! …

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