When the World Is In Chaos, Jesus Is Our Only Hope

Brandon Culture

132 people, killed in Paris, France in multiple, coordinated terrorist attacks. 19 dead in Baghdad, Iraq, killed by a suicide bomber just six days after another 12 were killed in that city by multiple bombs. 43 dead in Beirut, Lebanon because of two suicide bombers. 12 dead in Mogadishu, Somalia as terrorists attacked a hotel. 224 dead in a plane crash in Sinai, Egypt …

Family Laugh

5 Practices of a Peaceful Home

Brandon Family

Guitars sound nice because of stress. Great guitarists know how to turn the tuning pegs just enough that all six strings are in harmony with one another and on key. But too much stress, too much tension, can stretch or break a string. In the same way, every family will experience stress and tension. It’s inevitable, and it’s possible to …

Shoes Can Take You Anywhere

Brandon Devotional

Mama says they was magic shoes. They could take me anywhere. – Forrest Gump Warfare always requires walking. And often, it requires running. Either way, good shoes are essential. Shoes offer us protection. Any parent who has stepped on a lego checking on their kids at night understands this. They protect our feet from the harsh ground on which we …


The True Source of Real Joy

Brandon Devotional

It is very possible to discover happiness in your current circumstances, assuming your circumstances are happy ones. It’s also possible to find happiness in material things… for now, career success… whatever that los like, and when all of your relationships are sailing along smoothly. But happiness isn’t the goal. Joy is. Joy is possible in bad health, a bad marriage, …

Police Pepper Spray Peaceful Protestors

When Police Pepper Spray Peaceful Protestors… There Is Hope

Brandon Culture

I just watched a video of police pepper spraying peaceful protestors at UC Davis, which led me to investigate further into why people are occupying Wall Street (and plenty of other streets too), which further led me to read some of the testimonies of people who are suffering in this present economic recession. That last link is a collection of …