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More Influence: 21 From-the-Gut Lessons for Kingdom Leaders

I’ve collected together 21 of my favorite posts (from now almost 1,500 blog posts over seven years) about leadership and I’ve issued this free ebook. Normally, I argue that there is no such thing anymore as “ebooks.” Rather there are simply books that start with “e.” In other words, the walls between traditional and online publishing are crumbling rapidly. But for this particular project, I have purposely left these blog posts, for the most part, unedited. They are raw, still in the form I originally shared them in, and each was written within the context of my experience at the moment.

Therefore, I call these “lessons from the trenches.” They often represent my gut reactions in the moment to an issue I was facing at the moment. Please help me spread the word! Hit the “Like” button, the “tweet” button, share it on LinkedIn, etc. It’s wisdom, free of charge!

Download (PDF)

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What’s “Next” As You Implement Social Media? (PDF Handout)

A week ago, a few of us in Saddleback’s Communications Team talked to the staff about implementing social media in our personal lives and our individual mission fields. Today, we’ll wrap up the theme by talking about implementing social media within a church ministry area.

I’m going to talk for a few minutes about the “be’s” of social media (a post coming later on that) and closing with a handout that asks attendees to jot down some simple next steps.

The download is below if you can use it in any way.

Download the Handout