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The Basics of Blogging and Online Publishing


Blogging is such a weird word. We never used it until people started keeping "logs" on the "web" of their life called "weblog" and for some reason, we dropped the "we" and were left with the art of blogging. And in a sense, it has changed everything. How? Because now, everyone is …

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Thinking Beyond Blogging: The Future Of Digital Publishing

Will blogging continue to exist? Absolutely. And that is a great thing. I love great bloggers such as Tim Ferriss, Jonathan Fields, and Chris Guillebeau (although I would argue they are all digital publishers as they combine video, text, and more…but that is a whole other topic). …

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The Three Rules of Content Marketing (via @junta42)

1. You Are a PublisherSimply defined, a publisher delivers on the informational or entertainment needs of the reader in whatever format in which the reader wants to engage.  A traditional publisher does this to generate sponsorship revenues or get people to pay for content. …

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You Couldn’t Pay Me to Subscribe to Your Newspaper

I actually felt a tiny bit of sympathy as the newspaper subscription salesman walked back down my driveway after I’d just turned him down for a subscription. I felt bad for three reasons: He made a good offer. The paper was cheap and the coupons inside would more than pay …

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