Can You Just Heal My Boy?

Brandon Living

“I begged your disciples to cast out the spirit, but they couldn’t do it.” (Luke 9:40 NLT) The disciples had plenty of great experiences to boast about. They were in the inner circle. They had been hanging out with one of Israel’s most popular rabbis. But on this day, they were powerless. They had religious solutions to offer, but this …

Tre9 (Bobby Herring) Needs a Permit to Feed the Homeless

Brandon Culture

I met “Tre9” on a trip to Houston back in the fall and we’ve communicated now and then about ministry. He has an awesome ministry not only to homeless people, but Hip Hop Hope, which uses Hip Hop, rap, and dance to reach out to the inner city of Houston with the gospel. They also homeless people, and there …

Would You Care To Help A Friend?

Brandon Living

I have a friend, Adrian Rodriguez who is a graphic and web designer living in Rogers, Arkansas. As you can see from this blog post, Adrian’s wife’s family lost their home in a fire this week. Contact him through his blog or use his Paypal instructions if you could donate even a small amount of money. Also, Adrian is in …