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Was the Grinch a Christian? Exposing the Real Grumps of Christmas

One of my favorite holiday movies is How the Grinch Stole Christmas, especially the new Jim Carrey version. Dr. Seuss invented a character that became so wildly popular, he's now a cliche (i.e. "Don't be such a grinch!"). Anyone who puts a damper on the holidays falls into the grinch category. As a Pastor, I'm immersed (often beyond my own comfort level) in what I've come to think of as the Christian subculture. This is the realm in which Christian believers live. We have …

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Follow @Natwivity to Track the Christmas Story on Twitter

You may not be into this kind of thing, but I think it's actually a cool idea. A group in the UK has set up a Twitter account (@natwivity) and a Facebook page through which they'll share thoughts from the viewpoint of Joseph, Mary, and others from the story of the birth of Christ. That's a European date format - it starts December 1st. Some thoughts crossed my mind as I mulled over the concept in my mind. First, I'm glad someone is going to be drawing attention to …

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