You Need to Know Steven Fogg

Steven Fogg

I’m reviving an old practice of using Friday’s to point out leaders I believe you should be learning from. Today, I want to point you to Steven Fogg. Steven and I had communicated for a couple of years over the web about design, communication, and even some theology.

I finally had the privilege of meeting him face-to-face at a conference in southern California where we ate lunch together. He’s British and lives in Australia, so one of my favorite and unforgettable moments was when Steven asked me to “pop the boot” so he could retrieve his bag from the trunk (boot) of my car.

I recently wrote a recommendation of Steven’s work on LinkedIn and said this:

This is the age of the generalist who wears many hats, and Steven does this exceptionally well. I first knew Steven as a blogger, then realized his gift for communication. I was later introduced to his design abilities and when we met face-to-face, I heard his heart for ministry. The kingdom is better because of the multi-faceted contribution of Steven Fogg!

You can catch Steven on his blog and on Twitter. And if you’re a church leader, you need to read his piece about how to build a volunteer communications team.

You Need to Know Danny Brown (@dannybrown)


There is plenty of talk about “authenticity” in social media leadership circles, but few people represent it the way Danny Brown does. I've been a student at his feet from a bit of a distance. We've never met or talked on the phone, but I read pretty much everything he writes and I hear what others say about him. He's held in high esteem in the marketing community and is responsible for the creation of the 12for12 Challenge and you can read up on all the charities he's passionate about.

Danny has challenged me to be real, to be effective, to be compassionate, and to utilize whatever influence God allows me to create positive change in the world around me. If you don't know Danny, you need to.

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You Need to Know David Chrzan (@dchrzan)


I was minding my own business one day in January of this year when I received a brief email from one David Chrzan (pronounced Shawn) who called himself “Chief of Staff” at Saddleback Church. Three weeks later, I was sitting in a roundtable discussion with him and some magazine Editors about social media and online publishing. We began talking about and the potential for utilizing the social web to minister to today's church leaders and now I work on the team David leads at Saddleback Church.

I'm not using this space to flatter my boss. I'm using it to highlight an unsung man of wisdom. We can laugh with and at each other easily, but there's a serious side of David I've been learning from. He speaks with tremendous wisdom and clarity. He manages a million tasks at a time and acts as an air traffic controller for Rick Warren, helping Pastor Rick land all the right planes in the right order each day.

I've learned about authority from David. I've not had a “boss” per se in twelve years, but it's been a delight to answer to David because he understands what great leadership looks like. He doesn't blog. He doesn't write many articles. He doesn't dominate a social network, and that's all according to plan. David's role isn't an up front, center stage role, but you need to know David Chrzan nonetheless. 

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You Need to Know Jeff Gibson (@insightable)


There are those people who support us in various ways, helping us reach our goals. But sometimes someone comes along who simply makes us think long and hard about everything. Jeff is one of those guys to me. You may not have heard much about him across the social media spectrum, primarily because he's given his genius to other causes and organizations and has spent relatively little time building his own reputation. 

He understands social. He gets media. He's been a part of things that you've heard of even if you haven't heard of him, and he's a disciplined thinker. He wrote Jessica's Law and has advised some of the worlds biggest brands in communications and messaging. But he's modest about the whole thing.

I know him because he keeps Saddleback and sharp. We talk now and then and I always walk away with my mind spinning with ideas. You really need to know Jeff Gibson.

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You Need to Know Kerry Bural (@KerryBural)


A little over a year ago, I was entering a period of searching for God's will in my life. I felt tugged in different directions. I love being a Pastor and believe I'm called to it, but I also have a huge passion for communications, media, and design. One of the conversations that shaped my present assignment was with Kerry Bural.

Kerry went to seminary, but is passionate about church and ministry communications. While I was struggling with the need to be either a Pastor OR a communications guy, Kerry encouraged me to be open to BOTH, and I'm so thankful he did. Just a few months later, I heard from Saddleback Church and I'm now a Pastor who gets to specialize in communications.

Kerry is wise and insightful. He gets to work on cool projects. He writes an awesome blog at and serves as Principal of the Resonate Group. He's an encourager, a good coach, and a go to specialist in the field of church and ministry communications. You need to know Kerry.

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You Need to Know Danny Kirk (@dannyrkirk)


I met Danny Kirk in late 1994 and it was one of the more intimidating experiences of my life. I was coming to take his daughter on a date. I married Angie in 1997 and we've had a great relationship since. He's my father-in-law, but also a mentor, friend, and I still think of him as my Pastor. He's one of the wisest coaches and advisors I know.

He is Pastor of Lindsay Lane Baptist Church in Florissant, Missouri and Missions Director for both the Baptist Missionary Association of Missouri and the Meramec Baptist Association. He also coaches and mentors church planters across the country, and writes (with recently growing frequency) at

He's awesome, but I'll share him. You need to know Danny R. Kirk.

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You Need to Know Rick Warren (@RickWarren)


You definitely need to know my Pastor, Rick Warren. Most people know him as the Pastor of Saddleback Church, the author of the Purpose Driven Life (aff), or as a global missions leader. I've come to know him as a Pastor with a Pastor's heart. 

Just a couple of days ago, Pastor Rick was sharing a prayer request and taught me an enormous lesson with his words. “You don't last in ministry thirty years by shouldering all of your own burdens.” Even a guy who has been blessed with worldwide influence understands his need to lean on the support of others. He get shot at a lot from every side. I monitor that activity across the web everyday and I so often want to scream, “If you only knew him, your mouth would be stopped.”

The best way to lead is to begin by stooping, bowing, and kneeling. Few approach leadership in this way in our culture, but Rick Warren models it. Get to know him. Follow him @RickWarren.

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