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When It Comes to Worship, Don’t Hold Back!


Christians like to talk about church music and call it worship. Church music usually is a means by which Christians worship. But worship is much more than music. We even have our own "worship wars" in which we decide what "style" of worship is right, wrong, or most biblical. I …

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Neil Greenhaw’s Newest Single Is Out

Not Holding Back by Neil Greenhaw

I had the rare privilege of reading the lyrics to Not Holding Back when Neil was writing them, and then heard the song during it's time in production. I can tell you that Neil agonized over this song, making sure its theology was well rooted in Scripture and that its message was …

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Another Cool Chick-fil-A Inspired Music Video

Writing and singing songs about Chick-fil-A has almost reached meme-level, but for a spicy chicken lover like myself, they never get old. I've featured other music videos about my favorite restaurant before, but here's a cool new offering... …

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Saddleback Praise – Where Alva Copeland Brings Worship to Life

Yesterday, the Host Pastor of Praise, one of Saddleback's Lake Forest venues, was unable to be at services and I happened to be standing in sight of our Program Director, so I was drafted into service to fill in for the day. Saddleback offers one message in many venues so that …

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The Natures: A Bushel of Really Cool Music!

The Natures

This weekend, The Natures performed at Saddleback. Pastor Rick preached on The Word of Forgiveness, a sermon he intended to preach as part of his "Seven Words from the Cross" series leading up to Easter, but was unable to do so then. It was a message of forgiveness from the guilt …

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Lessons On Community from Huntington Beach

A Community at Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach represents authentic southern California beach culture. You've got bodybuilders working out on the sand, skateboards and bikes covering the boardwalk, and street performers driving nails up their noses for tip money. My family and I visited there yesterday with …

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The Many Faces of Worship

Traditional Worship

This morning was my first time to hang around the Sunday services at Saddleback. I took the opportunity to walk the campus and check out the various venues that take place. Saddleback has many service times and places to reach multiple crowds of people. The campus walk did my …

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Talent Comes In Many Forms

My last blog post was quite serious, from the heart. Lest anyone think I've lost my sense of humor, I just had to pass along this totally awesome video. The only thing spiritual I can say is, wow, God certainly gifts us all uniquely. Watch, and pass along... …

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Three Years And Counting!

I love being the Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church. This past Sunday marked three years that my family and I have been serving here and as I said from the pulpit last night, God has blessed us so far beyond what we deserve! We've come to love and know the people here and we've …

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Tony Royster, Jr. On the Drums

I don't care if you like drums or not, this kid is awesome!!! …

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