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Creating Excellence With a Tiny Budget

Budget Motel

When we began planting Grace Hills, we didn't have the quarter of a million dollars that some plants in America start out with. We had way less than that in fact, so we had to figure out how to hack some things together, and I'm convinced it's made us stronger. We learned to do the very best we could with what …

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2 Criteria for Redefining Success for Sanity’s Sake

The Stars

What is success? Most people define it in one of three ways: How many possessions do you own? How much power do you wield over others? How much prestige do you have among peers? American Christians tend to blend right in. We even apply these standards to churches and church leaders. Which church has …

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Pastor, Don’t Raise Funds. Raise Faith.

Raise Faith, Not Funds

Fundraising is no fun. Most Pastors I know say it's the one aspect of supporting a church's ministry they find most difficult. Having launched into church planting, I tend to agree. The least pleasant task I have is asking for money. So let's just stop it. We don't have time to raise funds. But we do have time …

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Is Money a god or a Gift?

Money: Gift or God?

Jamie Munson tackles that very question in his book, Money - God or Gift. Jamie's book is intended for use as a Bible study for either small groups or individuals. The really good side of the format is that Jamie gets right to the point in every chapter with a biblical principle and real life …

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Two Words That Will Make You Filthy Rich On the Internet

Two Words That Will Make You Filthy Rich On the Internet Posted by Brandon on Dec 4, 2010 in Marketing | No Comments PPC & SEO? Nope. Affiliate Marketing? Nope. Article Submission? Nope. Auto Blogging? Certainly not. Ready? If you’re into being filthy rich, go for it. The same two words …

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Why We Give Offerings On Sunday

Offering Plates

I heard a pretty blunt statement recently in response to a church that doesn't talk about money because they don't want to alienate the unchurched. The response was simply "but you can't make disciples without talking about money." Wow. How true. If discipleship is all about submission to the Master, then our …

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The Association of Baptist Students

Cory and I had a nice treat today in visiting with the directors of the Association of Baptist Students at the University of Arkansas. After touring the property, I was impressed with their ability to squeeze so much out of so little. Rather than a state-of-the-art facility, they were "making do" with three …

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Not by Bread Alone

And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.”—Luke 4:4There are multitudes of lessons to learn from Jesus’ confrontation of the enemy in the wilderness. We learn of Jesus’ moral perfection and His impeccability. We learn of His use of the Word …

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The Wisdom of Winning Souls

"The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise." -Prov. 11:30I'm afraid that the term "soul winning" has come to have a very particular connotation to it. We assume, when we see this phrase, that we're discussing an official door-to-door ministry of the local church in which we …

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Exclusively His

”Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.” –Titus 2:14When I was young, I received an allowance which I quickly wasted on “stuff.” The money I received became mine and I exchanged it for toys or baseball cards. Jesus …

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