Who Are You Hanging Out With These Days?

June 6, 2014By BrandonDevotional

When I was a college student living on a Christian college campus, I fell into the trap of often staying in the safety of the bubble. On campus, there was a bit of a micro-economy that remained pretty safe. You could eat, sleep, and study on campus and ‘do life’ only with those kids who were … Read More

Andy Stanley: The Church Can Be Deep and Wide

October 2, 2012By BrandonBooks

A little over a year ago, Angie and I started planting Grace Hills Church in northwest Arkansas, and one of our biggest hopes is that it’s a church that unchurched people to attend. So Andy Stanley’s newest bo, Deep & Wide: Creating Churches Unchurched People Love to Attend caught my attention. I pre-ordered it and … Read More

Getting Explicit About the Gospel

June 18, 2012By BrandonBooks, Theology

Rick Warren said, “If you read only one bo this year, make it this one. It’s that important.” The gospel is a message that never loses its relevancy and always needs retelling. I found Matt Chandler’s The Explicit Gospel to be an awesome retelling of it. Chandler’s explanation of the gospel is ultra-clear, and while I … Read More

Why Grace Hills Church Is In Jeopardy

March 25, 2012By BrandonChurch Planting 23 Comments

Grace Hills Church is eleven Sundays old, officially, and about eight months old, unofficially. And we’re in trouble. If we don’t do something, all of our effort will be in vain and all hope of planting the kind of church Jesus had in mind will be lost. No, we’re not out of money. God has … Read More

Seth Godin on Church Planting

November 11, 2011By BrandonChurch Planting

I don’t know if Seth knows what church planting is or not, but his post yesterday should be memorized (it’s short – that’s Seth) by every church planter in the world. I’ll quote it in its entirety because of its brevity… There’s nothing wrong with having a plan. Plans are great. But missions are better. … Read More

What Good Is Your Church Anyway?

July 11, 2011By BrandonCulture, Living, Preaching 1 Comment

I recently read the quote of a skeptical unbeliever that stopped me in my tracks… The church is a parasite. It owns the best property, doesn’t pay any taxes, and doesn’t help anybody. As a Pastor who s the local church rather deeply, everything in me wants to argue. Who does this anonymous skeptic think … Read More

Planting a Church? Plant a Teaching Hospital

June 25, 2011By BrandonChurch Planting 4 Comments

That phrase – “teaching hospital” – jumped out at me during a recent conversation with Geoff Surratt, Pastor of Church Planting at Saddleback Church. As we discussed the vision of Grace Hills Church over lunch, Geoff helped me put words to the burden I kept feeling to plant than a church – to plant … Read More