Seven Ways Twitter Will Improve Your Preaching and Teaching

February 26, 2011By BrandonCommunications, Preaching 4 Comments

John Calvin published 22 volumes of commentaries on the Bible and Martin Lloyd-Jones published 9 volumes on Romans alone. What if you could remove all of the non-essential language, antiquated stories, and strip all of that knowledge down to some bite-sized, transportable truths? There is certainly room for argument against such condensation of historic works, … Read More

Our Message Ought to Be Both Timeless and Timely

October 7, 2010By BrandonCommunications

MediaSalt (an excellent resource for church communications) just published an article I wrote called “Giving Your Communications Roots and Wings.” It’s a message about how our very timeless message needs to be timely as well. We live in a very real-time culture, which has produced a very real-time web. Can you keep up and keep … Read More