Windshield Time

8 Simple Ways to Pour Into Leaders

Brandon Leadership

In the American church, we tend to think of leadership development as a classroom and curriculum-based process, but Jesus had a better idea: spend time with people. Jesus allowed His life to rub off on His chosen leaders and to pour His wisdom into them, and we can do the same. Sometimes it’s a matter of spotting the natural opportunities that …

Mentor the Next Generation or Risk Irrelevance

Brandon Leadership

Mentoring young people has been a consistent part of my business mo since I started my company 14 years ago. It has guaranteed that my skills stay sharp, my slang stays current, my tweets fly across mobile phones, and that the market of tomorrow will know, like, and trust me. If nothing else, another way to lo at the value …

Chuck Swindoll on the Marks of a Mentor: Trust

Brandon Leadership

The mentors we admire are like the bosses we to work for: they are not controlling people. They trust you when they’re not around. They give you an assignment and they rely on you to follow through. They’re not peeking in your window. They don’t squint through your keyhole. They’re not checking up on you through a friend or …