Lies Men Believe About Marriage: She Just ‘Gets’ Me

June 14, 2016By BrandonFamily

One of the entertaining things I’ve gotten to do as a pastor for twenty years is to give counsel to engaged couples about their upcoming life together as a married couple. I say that it’s entertaining because, while I’m trying to give advice to prepare them for the blessed-but-bren road ahead, they usually have … Read More

How O’Malley Became a Very Good Father

May 3, 2016By BrandonFamily

I’m a sucker for vintage Disney stories. I have a collection of old Disney story bos from my childhood and often read them to my boys. Tonight we chose The Aristocats, and I was moved by the final page. I’ve seen the movie and read the story dozens of times in my life, but I’ve never really stopped … Read More

God the Holy Spirit, Help Us to Be Both Wild and Tame!

April 4, 2016By BrandonFamily

God, help me to be tame in the ways I’m prone to be wild. And help me to be wild in the ways I’m prone to be too tame. That’s the prayer I’ve been repeating since Sunday. I started into a new sermon series called The Ghost. We’ll spend eight weeks diving into the depths … Read More

10 Big Lessons for Men from Mr. Incredible

June 8, 2015By BrandonFamily

Mr. Incredible (aka Robert Parr) is one heck of a dude. If you’ve never seen the movie, Mr. Incredible starts out as a typical superhero, saving the world repeatedly from destruction. Just before he marries Elastigirl (Helen), he saves a man from an attempted suicide who goes on to sue for damages. Soon the “supers,” … Read More

5 Reasons Why Men Just Can’t Win

May 21, 2015By BrandonFamily

I try. I fail. I try and fail again. Why can’t I just win? Why can’t I get this right? I ask myself those questions a lot, but even as I ask them, I know the answers. They’re on the tip of my tongue and God’s spirit often reminds me of them right in the … Read More

Husbands, Treat Your Wife Like the Treasure She Is

February 18, 2015By BrandonFamily

My wife is a treasure! She’s precious. In addition to all of the many personal qualities about Angie that make her awesome – such as her tender, sweet heart, charming smile and her beauty – there’s this, and it’s from the Bible… The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor … Read More