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Lies Men Believe About Marriage: She Just ‘Gets’ Me

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One of the entertaining things I’ve gotten to do as a pastor for twenty years is to give counsel to engaged couples about their upcoming life together as a married couple. I say that it’s entertaining because, while I’m trying to give advice to prepare them for the blessed-but-bren road ahead, they usually have a certain lo in their …


Lies Men Believe About Marriage: She Will Solve My Identity Crisis

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We got married in a fever… hotter than a pepper sprout… Johnny Cash was a pretty great poet! And in his song about going to Jackson, he points out the way a lot of us got married. We didn’t have all the knowledge or experience we needed going in. How could we? We hadn’t been married yet, obviously. We were …

O'Malley the Alley Cat

How O’Malley Became a Very Good Father

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I’m a sucker for vintage Disney stories. I have a collection of old Disney story bos from my childhood and often read them to my boys. Tonight we chose The Aristocats, and I was moved by the final page. I’ve seen the movie and read the story dozens of times in my life, but I’ve never really stopped to take notice of the …

The Incredibles

10 Big Lessons for Men from Mr. Incredible

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Mr. Incredible (aka Robert Parr) is one heck of a dude. If you’ve never seen the movie, Mr. Incredible starts out as a typical superhero, saving the world repeatedly from destruction. Just before he marries Elastigirl (Helen), he saves a man from an attempted suicide who goes on to sue for damages. Soon the “supers,” of which there are at …