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10 Tough Words for Men

Tough Dog

I'm a man. I like being a man. Men aren't better than women, and women aren't better than men. But we're different. So I've had to do a lot of painful discovery of who I am as a man, and I've learned a lot, mostly from my mistakes. I've come to some practical conclusions about manhood and want to drop them on …

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When God Makes a Man

Fathers and Mothers

Today is Father's Day, and it's a day when I get to relish in the wonderful gifts God has given to me in the form of my daughter Ella and my son Sam. Ella is one of the smartest people on the planet and she's only eight. Sam can dance like nobody's business and has a great belly laugh to boot. I'm proud of …

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How to Fix Broken Relationships


Context: The following are my notes for a message to the men gathering for Saddleback's Herd Saturday, which is why it's a message directed primarily at men. Two Things Men Do Well We've been raising both a daughter and a son. I've watched my daughter grow from a baby to an eight year old. She has an amazing …

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Why Don’t Men Ask For Directions? Answered.

Screen shot 2010-11-09 at 1.20.54 PM

Can't view it? See It On Youtube. I'm not sure that the creators of this commercial have the actual answer to why men don't ask for directions. What I do know is that I often don't ask for directions for reasons of my own... I just ought to know. I do know... I just can't remember... yet. Who could …

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Hey Dad, Five Tips for Changing Diapers

Image via Wikipedia In my Father's Day message to Bethel, I'm sharing that Dads need to be far more involved in parenting than they are. But it's not just an "ought to" sermon, it's a "how to" sermon! So here are five tips for being more involved in diaper changing: Always wear protective eyewear. If …

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Book Review: Living Life in the Zone


I've just finished reading through a "40-day spiritual game plan for men" called Life in the Zone (aff link) written by Kyle Rote and Joe Pettigrew. I thoroughly enjoyed moving through the content and believe we need more books written like this one for men in a world where books seem to be overwhelmingly …

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Why I Love the Atlanta Airport

I flew out of northwest Arkansas yesterday, one half hour late because of the 1 inch of snow on the grass around the runway... landed in Atlanta and had 25 minutes to get to my terminal - T-03. After taking the subway to T-03, I saw that the flight had been moved all the way back to B-31. Both of these gates …

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I Owe, I Owe, It’s Off to Work I Go

I remember seeing that phrase on a license plate once and laughing. But sadly, that's how many of us live our lives. We work because we have to do so. I think it's one of the reasons get-rich-quick programs are so successful at recruiting people. We have a dream, for some reason, of being rewarded for being …

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Audio of Men’s Bible Study on Discipleship

I recently posted some thoughts about what discipleship looks like and that article was really the product of a recent men's Bible study at Bethel. Every Tuesday a bunch of men get up and get to church by 6:15 a.m. for a pre-workday Bible study. We opened the year with an open discussion about the meaning of …

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The Secret to Having Friends

John R. Rice often described biblical theology as "profundity wrapped in simplicity." This is one of those truths that is both deeply profound, and wonderfully simple. If you want friends... (wait for it) be friendly! …

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