The Creation of Adam

Who Invented Social Media? God Did.

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God invented social media. I know that might sound like a crazy claim, but I have a biblical basis for believing this. So I’m primarily speaking to those who believe with me that God is the creator presented to us in the biblical bo of Genesis. Social media seems like a new term. Many people are just hearing it, and …


Small Groups With Purpose: How to Create Healthy Communities

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There are, in every industry, certain bos that serve as cornerstones – manuals of the trade, if you will. If you want to fix a car, you buy a Chilton’s Guide. If you’re working in any psychology-related field, you need a DSM-IV manual. And if you’re in small group ministry, ministry leadership, or you simply want your own small group …

Jolt! Get the Jump On a World That's Constantly Changing

Jolt! by Phil Cooke. Make Change Work For You

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Change is guaranteed to be consistent. Our personal growth is not. I first met Phil Coe at a conference at Prestonwood Baptist Church a few years ago where he signed a copy of another of his bos for me – Branding Faith. Listening to Phil speak to our breakout session about media and branding fed my hunger to know how …


My Interview Question to Dennis Quaid

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Yesterday was a cool day in Los Angeles for me. For my wife, it was cool, mixed with managing a very active almost-one-year-old at a small outdoor shopping mall in 90 degree weather for a few hours while I was off in Hollywood attending a press junket for the Soul Surfer movie. I was invited to represent since the …

Phil Cooke On the Biggest Mistakes Christians Make in the Media

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This is an article that Pastors and anyone in the field of Church Communications needs to read and bomark for later research. It’s the short version of a talk that Phil gave at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention. Phil was instrumental in sparking a huge interest in me in the realm of media and communications when I met him at …