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Facebook Is Making Online Outreach a LOT Harder: 6 Ways Churches Can Still Use It Well

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The gospel did ay before , and will do just fine without it. But plenty of churches and organizations like mine have found to be an incredibly useful tool for getting the word out about Jesus and His people. We’ve devoted time, energy, and even financial resources to gathering a community of fans who read posts, click links, and …

Phil Cooke On the Biggest Mistakes Christians Make in the Media

Brandon Communications

This is an article that Pastors and anyone in the field of Church Communications needs to read and bomark for later research. It’s the short version of a talk that Phil gave at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention. Phil was instrumental in sparking a huge interest in me in the realm of media and communications when I met him at …

If I Were Implementing a Social Media Strategy For a Ministry, I Would…

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Today I’m talking to Saddleback Church’s staff in general terms (last week it was all about using ) about how to implement social media within their own ministry areas. I that we’re having this conversation. Rather than expecting a particular team within the church to “handle” communication and media, we’re empowering the masses.