Husbands, Remember to Love Your Wives

Brandon Family

Husbands are forgetful. I know this for three reasons: 1.) I’m a husband…, 2.) I’m forgetful…, and 3.) Every other husband I know is forgetful.  I just left my doctor’s office and the lady who checked me out at the counter asked if I knew my kids’ birthdays. “Yes, I have three…” And before I could go any further she …


100% of Christians Are Commanded to Love People

Brandon Living

Eugene Cho shared this startling statistic at Q Commons… “100% of Christians are commanded to their neighbors.” It’s so easy to the lovable people, especially when they us first, or are at least quick to us back. For example, don’t you just this little baby? You didn’t really even have to think about it, did …


Sermon Video: How to Find True Love

Brandon Preaching

Is it possible to discover and recognize real, true in a world full of counterfeits? Absolutely! God has made his known through his Son, Jesus. And he describes his in his Word, the Bible. In this message, Pastor Brandon Cox shares some big principles about and how to find it.


How to Love and Motivate People by Affirming Them

Brandon Devotional

Want to change the whole world with small, bite-sized steps? Affirm people. We’re starving for it. We live in a highly critical age when civility has been replaced with sharp-tongued sarcasm. We celebrate witty criticism far than we celebrate affirmation, but affirming people is a missing ingredient to deeper relationships, mutual emotional healing, and basically, a better world all the …