Sermon Video: Oh, How He Loves Us

Yes, God loves you. But what does that mean? Most people think God might love them but that he’s just mostly disappointed with them. But that’s not the story of the Bible. The Bible is the story of God pursuing a relationship with you because he really does love you. Deeply. He MADE you so he could love you! And he loves you no matter what your past looks like.

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How to Love and Motivate People by Affirming Them


Want to change the whole world with small, bite-sized steps? Affirm people. We’re starving for it. We live in a highly critical age when civility has been replaced with sharp-tongued sarcasm. We celebrate witty criticism far more than we celebrate affirmation, but affirming people is a missing ingredient to deeper relationships, mutual emotional healing, and basically, a better world all the way around.

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