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Big Truths I Need to Hear Every Day

I'm a messed up human being. I don't mean that I'm particularly deranged - just that I was born broken and have reached the plateau of adulthood carrying some flaws with me. The biggest flaw? I believe lies... sometimes. Here's a law of life that can't be avoided or broken... The way I think determines what I believe, which determines how I act, which creates my path and all of its rewards and consequences. Ultimately, life's trajectory is a result of my beliefs. When I …

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Does Rick Warren Endorse Chrislam?

No. Period. It's a funny thing. Since we've announced that we'll be planting a new church in cooperation with the new Saddleback Network and that Rick Warren has endorsed and sent us, I've gotten quite a few questions about the controversy over "chrislam." I'm not going to link to any articles - Google tells the story, and it's a sad and frustrating one. The rumor is that Rick Warren and other prominent religious leaders are promoting a new belief system known as …

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