What the Church Ought to be FOR Today

Brandon Preaching

As I write this, it’s the morning after a dozen police officers were shot, five of them fatally, sacrificing themselves to defend the freedom of people to protest. It’s been a terrible few days for America. Ironically, before any of this began, I had begun preparing the first sermon in a new series of messages we’ll be preaching at Grace Hills …

Run the Race

Growing from “Ought To” to “Can Do” Living

Brandon Living

You ought to go to church. You ought to read your Bible, eat right, quit sming, pay your tithes, and be a better mom… dad… husband… wife… yoer, underwater basket-weaver, etc. The weight of “ought to” living can be crushing. In fact, it’s really the essence of the law. Our sin nature traps us right in the of fire of hundreds of …

Really Be Free

For Freedom Christ Set Us Free

Brandon Devotional

Captivity does something to the human brain. Captivity trains us to act like captives. There have been instances of people having been kidnapped and held captive for long periods of time who, when faced with an opportunity to flee, actually choose to remain in captivity. In fact, that’s what we often do spiritually as well. Paul wrote in Galatians 5:1, “For …

Legalism Free

Brandon Living

Our second message in the Wednesday evening message series, Exposed: Shocking Truths About Liberated Living, pertained to the idea that we can live legalism free! Legalism is perhaps an overused term, but it’s also an over-lived one. It’s defined in different ways by different people and debated in all kinds of religious circles. E-