You Create the Culture of Your Leadership Environment

November 20, 2010By BrandonLeadership 8 Comments

I threw out a few thoughts this morning and captured them on my iphone concerning the culture of your leadership environment. We can’t always control which tasks we’re going to be facing as a team, but we can determine ahead of time the prevailing attitudes. This is a matter of creating the right leadership culture. … Read More

Shannon O'Dell on Transforming Rural Churches

November 17, 2010By BrandonBooks, Leadership 14 Comments

Bobby Gilstrap does a tremendous job of putting on live audio coferences for Pastors and church leaders. He recently hosted Shannon O’l of Brand New Church in Bergman, Arkansas on his broadcast. Shannon wrote the bo on Transforming Rural Churches in America (which I’ve reviewed and recommended) and has taken Brand New Church from a … Read More

You Need to Know Danny Brown (@dannybrown)

November 5, 2010By BrandonLeadership

There is plenty of talk about “authenticity” in social media leadership circles, but few people represent it the way Danny Brown does. I've been a student at his feet from a bit of a distance. We've never met or talked on the phone, but I read pretty much everything he writes and I hear what … Read More

You Need to Know David Chrzan (@dchrzan)

October 15, 2010By BrandonLeadership

I was minding my own business one day in January of this year when I received a brief e from one David Chrzan (pronounced Shawn) who called himself “Chief of Staff” at Saddleback Church. Three weeks later, I was sitting in a roundtable discussion with him and some magazine Editors about social media and on … Read More

The Role of Vision-Casting In Preaching

October 1, 2010By BrandonLeadership

Pastor, God called you to lead. (If you’re not a Pastor, but you have a Pastor, God called your Pastor to lead you.) He didn’t call you to lead by consensus or by permission. He called you to lead by following His voice, and to do it boldly. Somewhere in the history of democratically-governed churches, … Read More

You Need to Know Rick Warren (@RickWarren)

September 11, 2010By BrandonLeadership

You definitely need to know my Pastor, Rick Warren. Most people know him as the Pastor of Saddleback Church, the author of the Purpose Driven Life (aff), or as a global missions leader. I've come to know him as a Pastor with a Pastor's heart.  Just a couple of days ago, Pastor Rick was sharing a … Read More