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Pardon Me, But Your Church Is Too Slow


What did the snail say when riding on the back of the turtle? "Weeeeee!!" Cheesy jokes aside, the average Baptist Church resembles the snail in the story. Even when we think we're speeding along, we usually aren't keeping pace with the rate of change around us. Truth never changes and God never changes, …

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Why Honoring My Wife Matters So Much

Honor Your Wife

If I'm not honoring my wife, I cannot possibly claim to be growing spiritually. Neither can you. I'm planting and pastoring a church. I write articles for Christian blogs and websites. I'm Editor of one of the world's leading websites for Pastors. I also consult with ministries on social media and communication …

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Who Will Be Our Worship Leader at Grace Hills Church?

Worship Leader

The position has been filled. We aren't hiring a Worship Leader. We're offering an opportunity to a pioneer. I recently wrote a story about why you might NOT want to join our new church. In that same vein, let me tell you why you might NOT want to be on staff at Grace Hills Church. We don't have a salary …

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The Difference Between Launching and Orbiting

Space Shuttle Launch

If you've ever watched a space shuttle launch, you know that it's an enormous production. A ton of preparation goes into the event, potentially millions of eyes are watching, and there is a tremendous risk being taken that results in the payoff of having a shuttle in orbit. And when you see the shuttle on the …

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Casting the Vision for a New Church Plant


This past Sunday was an exciting day for us. We've spent months dreaming and planning for the planting of Grace Hills Church. We hauled our belongings across the country, then stayed with some friends while waiting for the closing on our home purchase. We booked a storefront meeting room at South Walton Suites, …

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Dear Church… Go and Multiply

Multiplying Seed

My friend, Stephen Gray, has recently made a comment on Twitter that has really hit home with Angie and I... Church multiplication is a spiritual decision of a church to put the needs of a desperate world before self-preservation. And that reminds me of another thought offered by my mentor, Grady …

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Ordering the Priorities of Life


Priorities are a continuing struggle for most of us. For people in ministry leadership, this struggle usually doesn't result from a lack of commitment, but from a lack of clarity about our commitments. That is, we're either over-committed or we're committed to mutually exclusive priorities. We are all given 168 …

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Don’t Be a Know-It-All Leader

One of the amazing aspects of the structure of Saddleback Church is that there isn't much of an organizational chart to speak of. Some feel frustrated about this, but the reason is that people are empowered to make decisions at the lowest possible level to avoid having to climb any ladders of authority. …

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Are You Leading a Tribe?

Seth Godin wrote a book about Tribes that every Pastor and leader should read. It's all about leadership, but it skips past all the corporate, motivational, zen stuff and gets down to the root of the issue... It turns out that it's tribes, not money, not factories, that can change our world... ~ Seth Godin …

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Social Media in Smaller Communities (via @thesticks)

Social Media in Smaller Communities

I had the privilege of talking with Jonathan Pearson with The Sticks conference about utilizing social media in smaller communities... Check It Out …

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