10 Ways to Raise the Spiritual Temperature of Your Church

Brandon Leadership

There is a cold, hard fact I remind myself of often as a Pastor. No one does to determine the spiritual temperature of my church than me, the Pastor. It’s part of shepherding. I’m the lid. I’m the limit. I define passion as the heated desire with us to do or to be something. Paul talked about being on fire (ready …


A 4-Part Definition of Ministry

Brandon Leadership

Here it is: Ministry takes place when divine resources meet human needs through loving channels to the glory of God. – Warren Wiersbe, On Being a Servant of God According to Warren Wiersbe, one of America’s long-term leading thinkers on ministry issues, this definition consists of four vital parts. Our church staff just walked through his definition of ministry this morning, …

The Abiding Church

The Abiding Church: Calling Church Leaders Back to Jesus

Brandon Books

When I first moved back to northwest Arkansas to plant a church, not everyone understood. Even quite a few church leaders wondered why the neighborhood needed another church. But Nate Sweeney embraced us and has encouraged us all along the way. I so appreciate his ministry in northwest Arkansas, and I’m excited about the release of his first bo, The Abiding …

Some committee's recording clerk, waiting for action to happen.

A Dozen Ways to Kill a Great Idea

Brandon Leadership

Ever watched a really good idea crash and burn? Me too. Here’s some brutal honesty… entire movements have gone down in flames because of boneheaded approaches to good ideas. This isn’t to say we can’t afford to make mistakes. In fact, the only way to know we’re taking risks is to make mistakes. We can’t afford not to make them. But we …

Ninety and Nine

Three Prerequisites to Leading Others Well

Brandon Leadership

Being loud doesn’t make you a leader. Neither does being popular. Leadership is influence, and influence means taking people in a direction they wouldn’t otherwise be going – hopefully forward. Ambition isn’t enough to qualify you to lead. There is to the equation. You need to be led before you can really lead. This one is tough for eager …