3 Vital Lessons from One of the Best Leaders I Know

Brandon Leadership

I’ve hung out with megachurch pastors and I’ve read plenty of bos and biographies of great leaders. But there is a hero from whom I’ve learned about relational leadership than anyone else – my wife, Angie Cox. I’ve learned about preaching, administration, and creative communications from all kinds of well-known people, but Angie has been my primary source of wisdom …


10 Reasons Why Humility is Vital to Great Leadership

Brandon Leadership

Quickly think of five common traits of high-impact leaders… good time management, assertiveness, drive, energy, charisma, etc. Humility rarely lands in the list when it comes to our modern, top-down management systems. But Jesus (the greatest leader ever) and Moses (perhaps the second) had this one thought in mind – great leaders don’t have power over people, but power under …

Rocky Road

If You Can’t Mess Up, Don’t Bother Leading

Brandon Leadership

Having an ambition to lead is great, but it doesn’t produce actual leadership. Taking risks does. The best leader in the room isn’t the one with all the answers. The leader is the one who volunteers to go first and show the way. Every great leader I know has been scorched by the pain of making the hard, and sometimes wrong, decisions. …

Fairness Is Overrated

Tim Stevens: Embracing the Pain of Growth

Tim Stevens Leadership

A pastor asked me to talk to his staff and answer this question: “If our church is going to double in the next two years [from five hundred to a thousand], what will it take?” The same question might be asked from a business leader: “If we want to double sales in the next two years, what will it take?” …