Let’s Fix Our Either-Or Thinking Problem for the Good of Evangelicalism 

Brandon Culture

“If we would just preach the word and lean on the Holy Spirit, we wouldn’t have to worry about ‘growing’ our churches…” “God has called pastors to be shepherds and prophets, not business leaders or strategists…” “We’re not supposed to have church services for seekers; church is for the saved…” “Don’t worry about attracting people to your church; just make disciples …

Snow Church

The Great, Glorious Agenda of King Jesus

Brandon Culture

I posted something negative about abortion on and then watched a mini-landslide of come in calling me all kinds of not-nice names. Others jumped in to stand up for life but it just wasn’t a pretty moment at this table of strangers. This issue, among plenty of others, begs the question: will we ever figure it all out? Will …

Single Light

Living With a Single Priority

Brandon Devotional

Priorities. Did you know that word actually means pretty much nothing? The word priority comes from the Latin word prior which means former or first. That which is a priority is first. It’s the source out of which something else comes. So to have many different “firsts” somehow ranking against each other makes little sense. In other words, you can only have …

The Way to Find Your Life Is to Lose It

Brandon Devotional

Success is something we place a lot of value on in the culture in which we live. We place a high value on achieving, on pushing forward and climbing higher and grasping at what we perceive as success. This comes as a result of our spirit of conquest and our competitive natures. But God’s Kingdom people have values that are …