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My Personal Reflections on 2013


In 2013, God was good. But that's true every year, isn't it? His good character never changes. Ever. But life changes for us, and it changes in our world. And through that constant condition of change, God's goodness carries us. I'm reflecting this morning on how our world has …

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Three Things Kids Need to See In Their Parents

Old Family Photo

We sometimes think that raising kids well is all about what we tell them. But what is even more important is what we show them. And if you want to do the best you can for the next generation's sake, you'll model at least these three traits in your home. Security and …

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Big News: The Cox Family Is Unexpectedly Expecting!

Baby Cox Coming Soon

Yep. We struggled for eight years to have Sam and then assumed that would probably be it, so this was a total surprise, and we're so grateful and excited! Pray for Angie and baby's health! …

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Last Night, 5,000 Children Died

World Food Day Child Hunger

Not in a flood. Not in an earthquake. Not in a wave of tornadoes or a political coups. But from hunger. Hunger. It's that feeling that gnaws at our bellies in the morning because we haven't had our cheerios yet. But for millions, hunger is a lifestyle with no hope. …

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Love Kids? Interested in Church Planting? Take a Peek

Children and Messes

At Grace Hills, a new church in northwest Arkansas, we're going to be investing heavily into kids. After all, Jesus certainly did. He loved them, cherished them, and ultimately died for them. We believe serving kids well and helping parents to disciple them is one of our chief …

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One Good Way to Have Hours of Annoying Fun

Download now or watch on posterous IMG_2684.MOV (3426 KB) Brandon Cox Sent from my iphone …

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8 Year Old Mary Margaret Tells the Story of Jonah

via Wow. She did this in church too, before a live audience. …

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Sometimes I Wonder About My Son

We're almost to the 30-week mark of Angie's pregnancy. I get to feel Samuel kicking, turning cartwheels, and giving me high-five's when I put my hand on her stomach. Last night we painted the nursery. The bedding is in. We're slowly stockpiling diapers and getting ready for the …

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Now Is the Time for Courageous Parents

This is adapted from a sermon based on Judges 13 I really don't have to belabor the point of how morally confusing these times are, do I? We hear the news. We read the stats. And we know how tough it is to be growing up in this present culture. That's how things were for …

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A New Year, A New School, and New Opportunities

Ella Off to School

The last couple of weeks have been rather interesting at the Cox house. Angie has begun a new career teaching Bible at Life Way Christian School in Centerton, just a few miles away, and Ella started second grade there today. Though Angie will take Ella with her each day, I had …

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