The City of Vancouver

How to Bring Joy to Your City

Brandon Culture

I that part of the story of the early church in which God allows persecution to scatter the Christians from Jerusalem like ants. The Bible says that everywhere they went, they preached the gospel (see Acts chapter 8). Phillip, in particular, headed to a city in Samaria and became the earliest cross-cultural missionary. When he preached there, the citizens …


The True Source of Real Joy

Brandon Devotional

It is very possible to discover happiness in your current circumstances, assuming your circumstances are happy ones. It’s also possible to find happiness in material things… for now, career success… whatever that los like, and when all of your relationships are sailing along smoothly. But happiness isn’t the goal. Joy is. Joy is possible in bad health, a bad marriage, …


4 Attitudes You Can Choose Today

Brandon Living

Sometimes God takes me back to kindergarten, spiritually speaking. I spend time reading theological treatises, but I sometimes forget the most basic and simple of truths. Here’s one of those basic truths I sometimes struggle with: We choose our attitudes. We don’t choose our circumstances. We don’t choose the weather, the direction of the economy, what people around us will …

10 Lessons from Coca-Cola’s Happiness Machine

Brandon Communications, Leadership

If you haven’t already, you MUST watch this video… Now… are you smiling? Exactly! You can read a pretty great article about how Ce created its “happiness machine” and read some of the great observations that came out of the interview, but I’d like to throw some observations out there that I made while watching, even before studying how Ce …

Rejoice In the Lord… Always, Again I say Rejoice

Brandon Living

One of my favorite daily news feeds comes from The Daily Spurgeon. Today’s thought addressed something that Christians struggle with often. But usually, when someone comes to me with this question, they’re already on the right track. It is “Can I enjoy the world around me, though it is perishing?” The Bible tells us to not the world, neither …